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Wombat's Family ForestRoot Family Genealogies

Of  Westminster, 19th century cordwainers (shoe makers). Census also shows name Bennywooth, Bennyworth, Demmeywatte, Banyunth!

Hart Family History and GenealogyHart Genealogygenealogy and family history

Descendants of John Hart (1792-1851) and Elizabeth Camp of Reed, Herts., England and Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

Mary Agnes Varnham - Genealogy and Family HistoryVarnham Genealogy

Descendants of William Varnham (born 1676), of Coleorton Leicestershire and Solomon Marsden family.

Sarah Ferguson - Family History and GenealogyKnight Genealogy  genealogy and family historygenealogy and family historygenealogy and family history

Descendants of Richard Knight (1659-1745), a 17th century ironmaster.
Includes Lascelles family.

Elizabeth, Mrs Daniel Cunyngham - Cunyngham Family History and GenealogyCunyngham Genealogy  genealogy and family history

Robert Cunyngham Laird of Baidland, (1669-1743), of Ludlow, Shropshire and St. Christophers Island, BWI.
15 lines to Robert the Bruce.

Jean Emile Serisier - Family History and GenealogySerisier Genealogy genealogy and family history

Jean Emile Serisier of Bordeaux, France, and Dubbo.
Was he a de Bouillon refugee?
Descendants of  William Marsh, hand loom cotton weaver (1798-1873), and wife, Ann Edmondson, of Lancashire.

Rhoda Agnes Powell - Courtis Family History and GenealogyVincent Genealogy  genealogy and family history

Descendants of Joseph Vincent (1720-1788) and Deborah,  of Stoke Damerel, Devon, England.
Also Fradd branch

Annette Kellerman - Genealogy and Family HistoryHumphreys Genealogy

Thomas Humphreys, blacksmith (1788-1844), of Greenwich, London, England. Annette Kellerman "The Million Dollar Mermaid" is a descendant.

Family History and GenealogyLightfoot Genealogy

Descendants of Charles Lightfoot and Elizabeth Hancock. Looking for help with their son Thomas Hancock Lightfoot of WA.

Graham Nicol - Family History and GenealogyNicol Genealogy

John Nicol of Melbourne, Australia, postmaster at Smythesdale, Victoria.

Salvatore Longobardi - Family History and GenealogyLongobardi Genealogy genealogy and family history

Descendants of Genaro Longobardi and Mary Ann Cafiero of Naples, Italy. In particular their two sons Henry and Salvatore.
Also Brogan branch

Family History and GenealogyHancock Genealogy

The Hancock family of Stoke Damerel, (Devonport), Devon.
Coming soon. Email me if you have any information.

Family History and GenealogyHarrison Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Harrison (abt 1810-1885), druggist, of Nottingham.
A case of mariticide somewhere here?

Maria Roughan - Family History and GenealogyRoughan Genealogy

Descendants of John and Mary Roughan of Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.
Also spelled Rowan and Rowen.

Wombat's Family ForestA Small Selection of Feature Pages

William Wilberforce - Genealogy and Family HistoryWilliam Wilberforce and Barbara Spooner

"Amazing Grace"
This film has sparked interest in William Wilberforce's relationship to the Knight family. William married Barbara Anne Spooner, a great-granddaughter of Richard Knight, the root ancestor of my Knight pages. 

Isaac Roberdeau - Cunyngham Family History and Genealogy

Daniel Roberdeau

General of the American Revolution and friend of John Quincy Adams.
A Cunyngham descendant.
Roberdeau Family Pedigree

Lascelles Family History and GenealogyPeerages Captured

The women of the Lascelles family. Haven't they done well for Richard Knight!

Lascelles Burke's Pedigrees

Eliza Manningham Buller - Family History and GenealogySpies & Mole Catchers genealogy and family historygenealogy and family history

Family heads of British spy agency, MI5. Dame Eliza Manninhgam Buller and Sir Roger Hollis, an unlikely Knight connection.

St Andrews, Shifnal - Family History and GenealogyLander Family of Shrophire  genealogy and family historygenealogy and family historygenealogy and family history

The Shifnal doctor ran off with the vicar's wife. (Thomas Eaton Lander and Isabella Spedding)
A family secret that remained hidden until discovered by Wombat in 2007.

Joseph Griffiths Swayne - Family History and GenealogySwayne Family Genealogy genealogy and family historygenealogy and family history

Illustrious family of 19th century Bristol. Another Richard Knight branch via his daughter Mary (married Joseph Carless).

Knight Family History and GenealogyThe British Museum  genealogy and family history

The Knight family were "hereditary trustees", a role which was abolished in 1963 when the British Museum Act was introduced. "Disgracefu!l", Wombat says.

Knight Family History and GenealogyHumphrey's Black Box  genealogy and family historygenealogy and family history

Son of Thomas Knight of Papcastle., Humphrey Senhouse Knight emigrated to Australia in 1853. The Box consists mainly of letters from his brother, John with details of his regular "remittance".

Knight Family History and GenealogyBrief History of the Knight Family genealogy and family history

An article by Pauline Bresley, published in 1958. A good place to start.

Charles Spedding - Family History and GenealogyCharles Spedding Letter

In 1880 Charles Spedding received a letter from his grandmother, Henrietta Mansfield (Knight). Part of the letter has been purposefully obliterated.
Has Wombat solved the mystery?

Augustus Wollaston Franks - Knight Family History and GenealogySir Augustus Wollaston Franks  genealogy and family history

Collector and benefactor of the British Museum. Another Knight descendant through the Sebright family.
'Collecting is a hereditary disease, and I fear incurable.' ...AWF

Richard Payne Knight - Family History and GenealogyRichard Payne Knight  genealogy and family history

Dilettante, collector, benefactor, author and philosopher.
Possibly the most remarkable man on Richard Knight's tree.

Wombat's Family ForestMiscellaneous Research

Grafton Family History and GenealogyNSW North Coast Genealogy

Grafton, The Jacaranda City
Births Marriages Deaths

Jesse Creasey - Benneyworth History and GenealogyCreasey Family Genealogy

1851 Census (Hertfordshire)
Also see Benneyworth Family

Mulvenna Family History and GenealogyMulvena Family Genealogy

Grafton, Casino and Lismore
Help Rodney find his ancestors.

Weedon Family History and GenealogyWeedon Genealogy

What do you know about Charles Weedon, 19th century Tasmanian MP?
He was a Launceston based auctioneer and wool dealer. What else?
** updated **

Family History and GenealogyJohn Watts and Catherine Steadman

The Watts, Steadman, Vidler family of Jamberoo. Family genealogy sent in by Carolyn Bartlett.

Family History and GenealogyTom & Karen's Genealogy

Family History and Genealogy

Hoyten Family

A family with origins in Devon and Cornwall. A new area of research on a line of the Vincent Family.

Wombat's Family ForestGenealogy Research Links

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Shropshire Archives Online
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Australia Migration

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Estée Martin

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Wombat's Family ForestMiscellaneous Burke's Genealogy

Ayshford Sanford of Chipley Park - genealogy
Bangor - genealogy  The 8th Viscount Bangor
Brabourne of Brabourne - genealogy  The 7th Baron Brabourne of Brabourne
Brodie of Lethen - genealogy
Clanwilliam  - genealogy  The 7th Earl of Clanwilliam
Ducie  - genealogy  The 7th Earl of Ducie
Ferguson of Dummer - genealogy  Sarah, Duchess of York
Forbes, Chief of Forbes - genealogy  The 22nd Lord Forbes
Forester  genealogy and family history
Freeman-Attwood  genealogy and family history
Harberton  The 10th Viscount Harberton
Hughes  genealogy and family history
INGE-INGLIS-LILLINGSTON of Lochalsh & Thorpe Constantine  genealogy and family history
Nepean  genealogy and family history
Orlebar  genealogy and family history
Phipps  genealogy and family history
Rathcreedan  genealogy and family history
Rumbold - genealogy  Sir Henry John Sebastian Rumbold 11th Bt
Saint Oswald of Nostell - genealogy  The 6th Baron Saint Oswald of Nostell
Sebright - genealogy  Sir Peter Giles Vivian Sebright 15th Bt
Shannon - genealogy  The 9th Earl of Shannon
Spedding of Wotton-Under-Edge - genealogy
Walpole of Walpole - genealogy  The 10th Baron Walpole of Walpole
Wasbrough of Stockham - genealogy
Wayne of Eisg-Brachaidh and Stansted - genealogy
Wharncliffe - genealogy  The 5th Earl of Wharncliffe
Wilberforce of Markington - genealogy
. .

Wombat's Family ForestAcknowledgements

John P Ravillious, Faye Williams, Nan Spedding, Gloria Edwards, Ian McDonald, David K Faille, Eric Graham, Mary Tyrell, Glenda Lott, Anthony Hittman, Jan Serisier, Mary Patch, Nola Towgood, Chris Attwood, Andy Freer, David Teague, Daryl Marsh, Pete Kilburn, Bronte Alchin, Gail Boyle, Bob Davidson, Brenda Thompson, Mrs Lavers, Darryl Lundy, Max Hart, Kim Ballantyne, Giles Swayne, Peter Shackle, Janet Free, Trish Campbell, Antony Maitland, Alex Craik, Erin Kalbarczyk, Mark Duffill, James Howe, Libby Shade, Elinor Lascelles, Heather Lowe, Terri Powell, Miss R M Jerram, Alan Beddow, Alison Packham, Carolyn Bartlett

Wombat's Family ForestThe Genealogist's Psalm

Genealogy is my pastime; I shall not stray.
It maketh me to lie down and examine half-buried tombstones;
It leadeth me into still courthouses.
It restoreth my ancestral knowledge.
It leadeth me into paths of census records and ship passenger lists for my Surname’s sake.
Yea, though I wade through the shadows of research libraries and microfilm readers, I shall fear no discouragement, for a strong urge is with me.
The curiosity and motivation, they comfort me.
It demandeth the preparation of storage space; for the acquisition of countless documents.
It annointeth my head with burning midnight oil;
My family group sheets runneth over.
Surely, birth, marriage and death dates shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the House of Family History Seeker forever.