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THE 12TH DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE , Marquess of Hartington, Co Derby, Earl of Devonshire, Earl of Burlington, Baron Cavendish of Hardwick, Co Derby, and Baron Cavendish of Keighley, Co York (Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, CBE (1997)) [His Grace The Duke of Devonshire CBE, Beamsley Hall, Bolton Abbey, Skipton, N Yorks BD23 6HD; Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbys DE45 1PP]; born 27 April 1944; succeeded f 2004; educated Eton, Exeter College Oxford and RAC Cirencester; Sr Steward Jockey Club, dir Sotheby's, HM's Rep Ascot 1998–; married 28 June 1967 •Amanda Carmen, only daughter of Cdr Edward Gavin Heywood-Lonsdale (see BLG 1965), DSC and bar, JP, RN, and has:

1a +WILLIAM, Marquess of Hartington [Marquess of Hartington, Beamsley Hall, Bolton Abbey, Skipton, N Yorks BD23 6HD]; born 6 June 1969; educated Eton; professional photographer

1a •Celina Imogen; born 4 Oct 1971; married 3 June 1995 •Alexander Corfield Key Carter, only son of W G K Carter, CBE, FCA, of The Old Rectory, Elmley Lovett, Worcs, and has:

1b •Jake Edward Corfield; born 7 Dec 1997

2b •Alfie William Cavendish; born 18 June 2000

3b •Ned Arthur Cavendish; born 6 Aug 2002

2a •Jasmine Nancy; born 4 May 1973; married 25 July 2003 •Nicholas Dunne, younger son of Sir Thomas Raymond Dunne, KCVO, JP (see BP&B 2003)

Earldom of Devonshire: For the ambiguous wording of titles concerning Earldoms of Devon or Devonshire, see BP&B 2003 DEVON, E, preliminary remarks.

Earldom of Burlington: The first creation of this title was in March 1663/4 in favour of Richard (‘Richard the Rich') Boyle, who had succeeded his father as 2nd Earl of Cork in 1643. The latter (but earlier) Earldom was in the peerage of Ireland; the newer one brought a seat in the Westminster House of Lords as it was a creation in the English peerage. Boyle helped suppress the 1641 uprising in Ireland on CHARLES I's behalf. Later he was active in the Civil War as a royalist, so that he was fined and obliged to go into exile when the Parliamentarians triumphed. It is his great-grandson, the 3rd Earl (on whose death in 1753 this first creation of the Burlington Earldom expired), who was the celebrated amateur architect. ‘Amateur' in this context is a relative term. None but a handful of professionals could have designed Chiswick House, the 3rd and last Earl of Burlington's testament to mankind, designed by him in 1723 on the lines of Palladio's Villa Capra near Vicenza. Lord Burlington was also a connoisseur of paintings and a patron of literature. The title Burlington is a corruption of Bridlington, in Yorkshire.

Lineage: Sir JOHN CAVENDISH; Lord Manor of Cavendish Overhall, Suffolk; Ch Justice King's Bench 1366, 1373 and 1377, Chllr Cambridge U c 1381; during the Peasants' Revolt he was given the responsibility of suppressing unrest in York; back in Suffolk he was unpopular both generally as a lawyer and particularly as father of the man who had allegedly killed Wat Tyler and he was accordingly dragged by a mob into the market place of Bury St Edmunds and beheaded; married Alice, daughter and heiress of John de Odyngseles, and had, with a dau:

1a Andrew (Sir), of Cavendish Overhall; MP Suffolk c 1378, Sheriff Norfolk and Suffolk c 1385; married Rose –, and died 1396, leaving:

1b William, of Cavendish Overhall; conveyed his manor to his cousin William c 1412

2a John (Sir); Esq of the Body to RICHARD II; supposedly the killer of Wat Tyler during the Peasants' Revolt; knighted in consequence; married Joan, daughter of Sir William Clopton, of Clopton, and had:


2b Robert; Serjeant-at-Law; died without issue 1439

3b Walter; living c 1433

The eldest son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, of Cavendish Overhall; married Joan Staventon and died 1433, having had, with a younger son (William):

THOMAS CAVENDISH, of Cavendish Overhall; married Katherine Scudamore (died 15 Sept 1499) and died 1477, leaving:

THOMAS CAVENDISH, of Cavendish Overhall; married 1st Alice (died 12 Nov 1515), daughter and coheir of John Smith, of Podbrook Hall, Suffolk; married 2nd Agnes –, by whom he had a daughter (Mary) and died shortly after 13 April 1523, leaving by his 1st w:

1a George, of Cavendish Overhall; attendant on Cardinal Wolsey with such fidelity that HENRY VIII later took him into his own service; died c 1562, leaving:

1b William, of Cavendish Overhall, which he sold to William Dones 1569

2b Ralph


The 2nd son,

Sir WILLIAM CAVENDISH, PC; Gentleman-Usher to Cardinal Wolsey, later commissioner for suppressing various religious houses, as a result of which he built up huge territorial holdings; Treasurer of the Chamber to HENRY VIII, EDWARD VI and QUEEN MARY; married 1st Margaret, daughter of Edmund Bostock, of Walcroft, Cheshire, and had issue; married 2nd Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Conyngsby, and had further issue; married 3rd 1547 Elizabeth (‘Bess' or ‘Building Bess' of Hardwicke; born 1518; married 3rd Sir William St Loe; married 4th 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (see BP&B 2003 SHREWSBURY and WATERFORD, E), and died 13 Feb 1607/8), daughter and heir of John Hardwicke, of Hardwicke, Derbys and widow of Robert Barley, and died c 1562; by his 3rd wife he had:

1a Henry; MP Derbys; married Lady Grace Talbot, 3rd daughter of 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (see BP&B 2003 SHREWSBURY and WATERFORD, E), and died without legitimate issue 12 Oct 1616; his bastard Henry was ancestor of the Barons Waterpark (see BP&B 2003)

2a WILLIAM, 1st Earl

3a Charles (Sir), of Stoke, Derbys, and Welbeck Abbey, Notts; born c 1553; married 1st Margaret Kitson; married 2nd Catherine, Baroness Ogle (died 18 April 1629) in her own right according to the then evolving doctrine (confirmed as such by letters patent 4 Dec 1628), younger daughter and coheir of 7th Lord (Baron) Ogle, and died 4 April 1617, leaving:

1b WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 1st DUKE OF NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE and EARL OF OGLE, both Co Northumberland, so created 16 March 1664/5, as also earlier 29 Oct 1620 VISCOUNT MANSFIELD, Co Nottingham, (and(?) BARON OGLE OF BOTHAL, Co Northumberland?), 7 March 1627/8 BARON CAVENDISH OF BOLSOVER, Co Derby, and EARL OF NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, and 27 Oct 1643 MARQUESS OF NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE (all E); succeeded mother as 9th LORD (Baron) OGLE 1629, KG (Jan 1649/50), KB (1610), PC (1639); baptised 16 Dec 1593 or perhaps born 1595; educated St John's College Cambridge; MP E Retford 1614, Ld-Lt Notts 1626–42 and 1660–76 and Derbys 1628–38, royalist cdr in the N of England during Civil War, beating Parly forces at Piercebridge 1 Dec 1642 and Adwalton 1643, also taking Wakefield, Rotherham, Sheffield, Halifax, Leeds and, in Lincs, Gainsborough and Lincoln; in addition raised siege of York; advised beforehand against joining battle at the decisive royalist defeat of Marston Moor 1644, thereafter in exile till Restoration; Ld-Lt Notts 1660, Jt Ld-Lt Northumberland 1670–76; one of the best horsemen of his day, author of two books on equitation as well as some plays and poems on miscellaneous subjects and a work of political philosophy called Treatise on Government; married 1st c 1618 Elizabeth (died 17 April 1643), daughter of William Bassett (see BP&B 2003 BOOTHBY, Bt) and widow of Henry Howard (see BP&B 2003 SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE, E); married 2nd c Dec 1645 Margaret (born 1617; an extravagant and eccentric dresser, with pretensions to being a bluestocking, also a poet and playwright, author of what contemporaries described as an absurd encomium of her husband (though later views are more friendly), but known accordingly in her own time as ‘Mad Madge of Newcastle'; died without issue 15 Dec 1673), sister of 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield (see BP&B 2003 LUCAS OF CRUDWELL, B), and died 25 Dec 1676, having had, with other issue, including three elder sons and at least two daughters (Elizabeth, married 2nd Earl of Bridgwater, see BP&B 2003 GREY EGERTON, Bt; Frances, married 6th Baron Saint John of Bletso, see BP&B 2003):

1c HENRY CAVENDISH, 2nd and last DUKE OF NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, KG (1677), PC (1670–Feb 1688/9; born 24 June 1630; MP Derbys 1660 and Northumberland 1661–76; was against the declaration of WILLIAM and MARY as sovereigns after the departure of JAMES II and declined to take oath of loyalty to them; accordingly retired from public life after the Glorious Revolution of 1688; married by 1652 Frances, daughter of William Pierrepont (2nd son of 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull) and died without surviving male issue 26 July 1691, when all his peerages save the Barony of Ogle expired, leaving five daughters (of whom the 1st, Elizabeth, married 1st 2nd Duke of Albemarle (see BP&B 2003 MONCK, V); married 2nd 1st Duke of Montagu; the 3rd, Lady Margaret Cavendish, married John Holles, Earl of Clare, afterwards Duke of Newcastle, from whom descended the Dukes of Portland (see BP&B 2003 PORTLAND, E) and Newcastle (see BP&B 2003 LINCOLN, E); the 5th, Lady Arabella Cavendish, married the 3rd Earl of Sunderland (see BP&B 2003 MARLBOROUGH, D) and another, Lady Frances, married as his 1st wife 2nd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, see BP&B 2003)

1a Frances; married Sir Henry Pierrepont, ancestor of the extinct Earls and Dukes of Kingston

2a Elizabeth; married 1574 Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox (see BP&B 2003 MORAY, E), paternal uncle of JAMES I, and was mother of Lady Arabella Stuart, who allegedly was the cause of he 1st Earl being given his first step in the peerage as a baron

3a Mary; married 9 Feb 1567/8 7th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (see BP&B 2003), and had issue

Sir WILLIAM's 2nd son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 1st Earl of Devonshire, so created 7 Aug 1618, as also earlier 4 May 1605 BARON CAVENDISH OF HARDWICK (sic), Co Derby (both E), KB; born 27 Dec 1552; educated Eton and Gray's Inn; knighted 1580, MP Liverpool 1586–87 and Newport, Cornwall, 1587–88, Sheriff Derbys 1595–96, involved in transatlantic schemes of land devpt, including Virginia and Bermuda; married 1st (licence 21 March 1580/1) Anne, daughter and coheir of Henry Keighley, of Keighley, Yorks, and had:

1a WILLIAM, 2nd Earl

1a Frances; married William, 1st Baron Maynard

The 1st Earl married 2nd by 1619 Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Edward Boughton, of Causton, Warwicks, and widow of Sir Richard Wortley, of Wortley, by whom he had:

2a John (Sir), KB

The 1st EARL died 3 March 1625/6; his 2nd but elder surviving son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 2nd Earl of Devonshire; born 1590; married 10 April 1608 Christian Bruce (died 16 June 1674), daughter of 1st Lord Kinloss (see BLGRY 2005), and had:

1a WILLIAM, 3rd Earl

2a Charles; royalist Civil Wars; killed in action

1a Anne; born c 1612; married 9 April 1632, as his 1st wife, Robert Rich, 3rd Earl of Warwick of the 1618 created (see BP&B 2003 WARWICK, BROOKE OF WARWICK CASTLE and, E), and died 24 Aug 1638

The 2nd EARL died 20 June 1628; his eldest son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 3rd Earl of Devonshire, KB (Feb 1625/6); born 10 Oct 1617; married (licence 4 March 1638/9) Lady Elizabeth Cecil (died 19 Nov 1689), 2nd daughter of 2nd Earl of Salisbury (see BP&B 2003 SALISBURY, M), and died 23 Nov 1684, having had, with a daughter (Anne, married 5th Earl of Exeter; see BP&B 2003 EXETER, M):

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 1st Duke of Devonshire and MARQUESS OF HARTINGTON, Co Derby (both E), so created 12 May 1694, KG (1689), PC (1689); born 25 Jan 1640/1; one of the seven magnates who signed the invitation to William of Orange to come to England and among the first to take up arms on his behalf on his arrival, Lord Steward Household 1689–1707; married 26 Oct 1662 Lady Mary Butler (died 31 July 1710), 2nd daughter of 1st Duke of Ormonde (see BLGRY 2005 MOUNTGARRET, V), and had:

1a WILLIAM, 2nd Duke

2a Henry, MP; born 1673; married Rhoda (died 24 Jan 1729/30), sister of Thomas Cartwright, of Aynhoe, Oxon, MP Northants (see BLG 1952), and died 10 May 1700, having had:

1b Mary; married 7th Earl of Westmorland (see BP&B 2003) and died without issue 29 July 1778

3a James, MP, of Staveley, Derbys, and Latimer, Bucks; married Anne (died 27 June 1734), daughter of Elihu Yale, Govr Fort St George, and died 14 Dec 1751, having had:

1b William; married Barbara, daughter of Edward Chandler, Bp Durham, and died without issue July 1751

1b Elizabeth married Feb 1722 Richard CHANDLER later CAVENDISH, elder son of the Bp of Durham

1a Elizabeth; married Sir John Wentworth, 1st Bt, of North Elmsal (see BLGRY 2005 SCARBROUGH, E)

The 1st DUKE died 18 Aug 1707; his eldest son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 2nd Duke of Devonshire, KG (March 1709/10); born c 1673; MP (Whig) Derbys 1695–1701, Castle Rising Feb-July 1702 and Yorks 1702–07, Lord Steward Household 1707–10, Lord Pres Cncl 1716–17 and 1725–29; married 21 June 1688 Rachel (died 28 Dec 1725), sister of 2nd Duke of Bedford (see BP&B 2003), and had, with other issue (including a daughter Elizabeth, married Sir Thomas Lowther, 2nd Bt; see BP&B 2003 LONSDALE, E):

1a WILLIAM, 3rd Duke

2a James, MP; died unmarried 14 Dec 1741

3a Charles; MP Heytesbury 1725, Westminster 1727 and Derby 1734; married 9 Jan 1727 Lady Ann Grey (died 20 Sept 1733), daughter of Henry, Duke of Kent (see BP&B 2003 LUCAS OF CRUDWELL, B), and had:

1b Frederick

2b Henry, FRS; the chemist

The 2nd DUKE died 4 June 1729; his eldest son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 3rd Duke of Devonshire, KG (1733), PC (1731); born 1698; educated New College Oxford; MP (Whig) Lostwithiel 1721–24, Grampound 1724–27 and Hunts 1727–29, Lord Privy Seal 1731–33, Lord Steward Household 1723–37 and 1745–49, Ld-Lt Ireland 1737–45; married 27 March 1718 Catherine (died 8 May 1777), only daughter and heir of John Hoskins, of Oxted, Surrey, Steward to Duke of Bedford, and had, with three other daughters (including Rachel, married 1748 2nd Baron Walpole of Wolterton, see BP&B 2003):

1a WILLIAM, 4th Duke

2a George Augustus, of Holker, Lancs, which he inherited from his cousin, Sir William Lowther, 3rd and last Bt, of Marske (see BP&B 2003 LONSDALE, E); died unmarried 2 May 1794

3a Frederick; FM, Col 34th Foot; born 1729; died unmarried 21 Oct 1803

4a John; born 1734; Chllr Exchequer 1782 and 1783

1a Elizabeth; married 22 Sept 1743 John Ponsonby (see BP&B 2003 BESSBOROUGH, E) and died 1796

The 3rd DUKE died 5 Dec 1755; his eldest son,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 4th Duke of Devonshire, called up to Ho Lds 13 June 1751 vp in his f's Barony of Cavendish of Hardwick, KG (1756), PC (1751–62); born 1720; MP (Whig) Derbys) 1741–51, Lord High Treas Ireland and Govr Co Cork 1754–64, Ld-Lt Ireland 1755–56, 1st Lord Treasury and PM 16 Nov 1756–June 1757, Lord Chamberlain 1757–62; married 27 March 1748 Charlotte Elizabeth, de jure Baroness Clifford in her own right (died 24 Dec 1754), only daughter and heir of Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington (of the March 1663/4 cr) and (4th Earl of) Cork (see BP&B 2003 CORK, THE COUNTY OF, and ORRERY, E), and died 2 Oct 1764, having had:

1a WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 5th Duke of Devonshire etc, as which succeeded f, also 7th BARON CLIFFORD of the 1627/8 cr, as which succeeded mother, KG (1782); born 14 Dec 1748; married 1st 5 June 1774 Georgiana (born 7 June 1757; the fashionable beauty who canvassed for Charles James Fox (see BP&B 2003 ILCHESTER, E) in the Westminster election by trading kisses for votes; died 30 March 1806), daughter of 1st Earl Spencer (see BP&B 2003), and had, with two daughters:

1b WILLIAM SPENCER CAVENDISH, 6th Duke of Devonshire etc, also 8th BARON CLIFFORD of the 1627/8 cr, KG (1827), PC (1827); born 21 May 1790; educated Harrow and Trin College Cambridge; Amb Russia, Lord Chamberlain 1827–28 and 1830–34, Ld-Lt and custos rotulorum Derbyshire 1811–58, High Steward Derby; died unmarried 17 Jan 1858, when the Barony of Clifford fell into abeyance between his sister and later their issue

1b Georgiana Dorothy; born 12 July 1783; married 21 March 1801 6th Earl of Carlisle (see BLGRY 2005), and died 8 Aug 1858, having had issue

2b Harriet/Henrietta Elizabeth; born 29 Aug 1785; married 24 Dec 1809 1st Earl Granville (see BP&B 2003), and died 25 Nov 1862, having had issue

1a The 5th Duke married 2nd 19 Oct 1809 Lady Elizabeth (died 20 March 1824), daughter of 4th Earl of Bristol (see BP&B 2003 BRISTOL, M) and widow of John Thomas Foster, and died 29 July 1811

2a Richard; died unmarried 1781

3a GEORGE AUGUSTUS HENRY CAVENDISH, 1st Earl of Burlington of the (10 Sept) 1831 cr, also created that day BARON CAVENDISH OF KEIGHLEY, Co York (both UK); born 31 March 1754; MP (Whig) Knaresborough 1775–80, Derby 1780–96 and Derbyshire 1797–1831; married 27 Feb 1782 Lady Elizabeth Compton (died 7 April 1835), daughter and heir of 7th Earl of Northampton (see BP&B 2003 NORTHAMPTON, M), and died 4 May 1834, having had:

1b William; born 10 Jan 1783; MP; married 18 July 1807 Louisa O'Callaghan (died 18 April 1863), eldest daughter of 1st Baron Lismore (see 1898 edn), and died in the lifetime of the father 14 Jan 1812, leaving:

1c WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 2nd Earl and 7th Duke

2c George Henry; born 19 Aug 1810; granted 1858 with his sister and younger brother rank of duke's dau/yr s; MP N Derbys; married 4 July 1835 Lady Louisa Lascelles (died 10 March 1886 aged 73), youngest daughter of 2nd Earl of Harewood (see BLGRY 2005), and died 23 Sept 1880, leaving issue

3c Richard; born posthumously 3 July 1812; died unmarried 19 Nov 1873

1c Fanny; married 1 July 1837 Frederick John Howard (died 28 Feb 1897), grandson of 5th Earl of Carlisle (see BLGRY 2005), and died 30 Dec 1885 aged 76, leaving issue

2b George Henry Compton; born 14 Oct 1784; died 22 Jan 1809

3b Henry Frederick Compton; born 5 Nov 1789; Gen, Col 2nd Dragoon Gds; married 1st 24 Oct 1811 Sarah (died Nov 1817), daughter of William Augustus Fawkener, and had:

1c William Henry Frederick; born 31 Oct 1817; Groom-in-Waiting to HM QUEEN VICTORIA, Lt-Col Chatsworth Rifles; married 19 Aug 1843 Lady Emily Lambton (died 2 Nov 1886), daughter of 1st Earl of Durham (see BP&B 2003), and died 11March 1881, having had, with other issue:

1d Henry Frederick Compton, JP, DL (Derbys); born 6 May 1854; Capt (emergency list) RN; m 10 July 1888 Lady Harriet Castalia Godolphin Osborne (died 16 June 1922), daughter of 9th Duke of Leeds (see BP&B 1963), and died 21 Jan 1928, leaving:

1e Henry James Francis, DSC; born 17 Aug 1893; Cdr RN WW I (despatches); m 1928 (divorce 1934) Dola Frances (died 9 Dec 1966), daughter of Hon James Dunsmuir, Premier Br Columbia, and died without issue 30 June 1956

2e George Sidney Godolphin; born 3 Dec 1895; Lt-Cdr RN WW I (despatches); m 11 Jan 1933 •Mary Stuart, widow of Samuel Grey Dayton and daughter of Charles Stewart Wurts, of Philadelphia

1e Emily Georgiana Harriet; born 22 Dec 1890; married 17 Nov 1938 Sir Pryse Loveden Saunders-Pryse, 5th and last Bt (died 5 Jan 1962; see BP&B 1956), and died without issue 23 Dec 1976

2e Evelyn Alice Beatrix; born 30 July 1892; married 14 July 1924 Brig James Erskine Stirling, DSO, TD, Seaforth Hldrs, Ld-Lt Nairnshire (died 20 Dec 1968), 2nd son of Maj William Stirling of Fairburn and Monar, Ross-shire (see BLG 1965), and had:

1f William Henry; born 12 Dec 1926; married 1st 28 Nov 1959 (divorce 1967) Mariota, youngest daughter of Col Ronald Menzies of Menzies (see BP&B 2003), JP, DL, of Arndilly House, Craigellachie, Banffshire; married 2nd 4 April 1968 •Primrose, youngest daughter of Maj William Francis Butler, 13th/18th Hus, and by her had issue

1f •Bridget Mary [The Hon Mrs David Rollo, 30 King St, Nairn, Nairnshire IV12 4PD]; born 20 June 1925; married 30 Sept 1948 Capt Hon David Ian Rollo (died 1981), MBE, MC, Gren Gds, 3rd son of 12th Lord Rollo of Duncrub (see BP&B 2003) by his 1st wife, and has issue

2f •Anne Evelyn; born 5 July 1929; married 12 Jan 1951 •Lt-Col Claude Glen Kelway-Bamber, MBE, Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs, s of Cdr Herbert Roderick Kelway-Bamber, RN (ret), and has:

1g •Roderick James; born 8 July 1952

2g •Martin Charles; born 31 March 1955

3g •Euan Glen; born 8 May 1958; Capt Scots Gds; married 1984 •Laura Isabel Hester Morgan-Grenville (see BLGRY 2005 KINLOSS, L)

1g •Emma Clare; born 8 Sept 1960

3f •Sarah Caroline; born 24 June 1933; married 7 Dec 1963 •Capt Patrick Robert Doyne, The Rifle Bde, s of Col Robert Harry Doyne, of Barrow Court, Galhampton, and has:

1g •Timothy Robert Hamish; born 28 March 1966; educated Eton

2d Cecil Charles; born 14 May 1855; Maj 2nd Bn HLI; married 4 March 1890 Maud Henrietta (died 5 March 1955), daughter of Lt-Gen George Thomas Halliday, ISC, and died 21 Jan 1931, having had:

1e Frederick George, DSO (1919), MC; born 2 Nov 1891; Maj HLI WW I (despatches twice, wounded); m 29 Nov 1919 Milla Jean (died 28 June 1976 aged 83), only daughter of William St Clair Grant, of Bhagalpur, Bengal, India, and died 10 April 1936, leaving:

1f Anne; born 30 Nov 1920; died 24 Feb 1995

2f •(Jean) Caroline [Mrs George Lassalle, Kapodistrias 3, Limassol 3032, Cyprus]; born 3 April 1932; educated LMH Oxford; founding ed Picador Books, author; married 1st 14 July 1954 (divorce 1959) Anthony Richard Champion de Crespigny, 3rd son of AVM Hugh Vivian Champion de Crespigny (see BLG 1969), CB, DFC, MC, of Vierville, Natal, S Africa, and has:

1g •Camilla Georgiana; born 1955

2f (cont.) Mrs Caroline Champion de Crespigny married 2nd 1974 George Charles Denis Lassalle (died 17 April 1997)

2e Bruce Alwyn; born 27 April; died 5 June 1894

3e Ronald Valentine Cecil, OBE (1940), MC (1915); born 14 Feb 1896; commnd Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs 1914, Brig Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derbys) Regt, CO 7th Wocesters, served: WW I (despatches twice, wounded twice), WW II (despatches); married 20 Dec 1923 (Violet) Helen (died 7 Feb 1974), eldest daughter of Arthur Sackville Boucher, of Sharpcliffe Hall, Staffs (see BLG 1921), and was killed in action whilst cmdg 6th Inf Bde on Mayu Peninsula, Burma, 6 April 1943, leaving:

1f +Peter Boucher, CB (1981), OBE (1969), DL (1989) [Maj-Gen Peter Cavendish CB OBE DL, The Rock Cottage, Middleton-by-Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbys DE45 1LS]; born 26 Aug 1925; educated Winchester and New College Oxford; commnd 1st The Roy Dragoons, 3rd King's Own Hus, Maj-Gen cmdg 14th/20th King's Hus, Chm Mil Agency for Standardisation & ASI Div NATO HQ 1975–81, Col Cmdt Yeo TA 1986–91; High Sheriff Derbys 1986; FIMgt; married 12 June 1952 •Marion Loudon, 2nd daughter of Robert Alfred Constantine (see BLGRY 2005), TD, JP, of Tanton Grange, Stokesley, Yorks, and has:

1g +(Ronald) Simon Constantine [Simon Cavendish Esq, 191 Annie St, New Farm, Brisbane, QLD 4005, Australia]; born 19 March 1954; educated Wellington and Cardiff; commnd 14th/20th King's Hus; with Thiess Engrg Brisbane; married 19 May 1990 •Rosemary Alexandra, younger daughter of Peter Lancaster, of Aston Flamville, Leics, and has:

1h +Nicholas Peter Lancaster; born 18 Jan 1993

1h •Maia Marita; born 20 March 1995

2g +Mark Francis [Mark Cavendish Esq, 18 Plassey Sq, Penarth CF64 1HD]; born 3 Nov 1955; educated Wellington

3g +Rupert William [Rupert Cavendish Esq, Rotten End Farmhouse, Wethersfield, Essex CM7 4AL]; born 5 April 1962; educated Wellington and Bristol; md Kairon Computers; married 4 April 1987 •Lesley, elder daughter of J K Buckle, of Harlow, Essex, and has:

1h +Martin Alexander; born 4 Nov 1993

1h •Sarah Francis; born 26 Aug 1991

2h •Bethan Catriona; born 31 Jan 1999

2f Robin Francis, MBE (1975); born 12 March 1930; educated Winchester; Capt KRRC; married 29 June 1957 •Diana Mary [Mrs Robin Cavendish, Furlongs, Drayton St Leonard, Oxon OX10 7AU], younger daughter of Lt-Col Latham Valentine Stewart Blacker, OBE, of Coldhayes, Liss, Hants (see BLGRY 2005 PEEL, E), and died Aug 1994, leaving:

1g +Jonathan Stewart; born 4 Feb 1959; educated Eton and Oxford; with Little Bird Films; married July 1992 •Lesley A, daughter of Eric Rogers, of Wimbledon, London, and has:

1h +Theodore Robin; born 30 March 1996

1h •Polly Elinor; born 30 March 1996

2h •Willow Alice (triplets); born 30 March 1996

4e Charles Vernon Balfour; born 14 Oct 1902; educated Haileybury; married 1st 17 April 1937 (divorce 1950) Nancy Cranswick Neal (died 1986), daughter of Ernest William Redstone, of Wellington, NZ, and had:

1f Susan; born 10 Aug 1939

2f •Rosalind; born 29 May 1945; married 1971 •Alan Hugh Davidson

4e (cont.) Charles Cavendish married 2nd 27 July 1963 Eve (died 1986), widow of Athelstan Douglas Dempster Bonnor, and died 1981

1c Elizabeth Georgina Harriet; married 1st 3 Feb 1837 William Bernard Harcourt (died 25 May 1846), of St Leonard's, Berks (Marquis d'Harcourt in France), and had issue; married 2nd 30 June 1852 Lt-Gen James R Crauford (died 24 March 1888), and died 3 Jan 1892, leaving issue by him

2c Sarah Mary; married 28 June 1842 2nd Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin (see BP&B 2003), and died 21 April 1881, leaving issue

3b (cont.) Gen The Hon Henry Cavendish married 2nd 16 June 1819 Frances Susan (died 23 Nov 1840), sister of 1st Earl of Durham (see BP&B 2003) and widow of Col Hon Frederick Howard (killed 1815 at Waterloo), and by her had:

2c Francis William Henry; born 6 Feb 1820; FO; married 1st 24 April 1856 (divorce 1866) Lady Elinor Sophia Diana FitzGibbon (died 1915; see BIFR 1976); 3rd daughter and coheir of 3rd Earl of Clare, and had:

1d Reginald Richard Frederick; born 25 Feb 1857; married 1st 11 Sept 1880 Mary Constance (died 14 July 1914), daughter of Rev Harry Dupuis, Vicar Richmond, Surrey, and had:

1e George Francis Compton; born 23 Aug 1881; died 3 Feb 1884

2e Godfrey Lionel John, Capt IA; born 30 March 1884; married 22 March 1911 Cora Grace Graham (married 2nd 24 Sept 1919 Douglas Moor Horsford, Lt Gren Gds (SR), younger son of Col Thomas Moor Alphonse Horsford, of Bosvathick (see BLG 1952), Falmouth, Cornwall, and died 5 June 1962), younger daughter of Joseph Alphonsus Horsford, MRCS, LRCP Edin, of Long Melford, Suffolk, and died of wounds recd in action 22 Dec 1914, leaving:

1f Godfrey Herbert Richard; born 14 Jan 1912; memb London Stock Exchange, Capt Roy Wilts Yeo WW II ME and Br Mil Mission Egyptian Army; m 15 April 1950 •Angela Margaret Jervis [Mrs Godfrey Cavendish, 9 Elizabeth Ct, 47 Milman's St, London SW10 0DA], only daughter of Lt-Col William Gerald Officer, Duke of Wellington's Regt, by Winifred Margaret Mylne, only daughter of Sir Alfred Kensington, ICS, and died 25 Aug 1958, leaving:

1g •Diana Grace Angela [Mrs John Reeves, Burch Farmhouse, Quarrington Lane, W Brabourne, Ashford, Kent TN25 5NA]; born 30 Jan 1954; married 15 May 1975 •(Frederick) John Reeves, elder son of Lt-Col N R Reeves, and has:

1h •Henry Frederick Godfrey; born 1981

1h •Georgina Caroline Angela; born 1984

2h •Olivia Clare Lucy; born 1989

2g •Caroline Elizabeth Clare [The Hon Mrs Philip Remnant, Ham Farm House, Baughurst, Hants RG26 5SD]; born 16 June 1956; married 14 July 1977 •Hon Philip John Remnant, eldest son of 3rd Baron Remnant (see BP&B 2003), and has issue

2f (Hubert) Gordon Compton; b 26 Feb 1913; Capt RASC WW II E Africa; married 17 April 1942 •Beaujolois Inez [Mrs Gordon Cavendish, Bosvathick, Constantine, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5RD], elder daughter of Capt Philip George Wodehouse, DSO, RN (see BP&B 2003 KIMBERLEY, E), and died 1993, leaving:

1g +Richard Gordon John [Richard Cavendish Esq, The Chantry, Ivybridge, S Devon PL21 0AQ]; born 13 April 1949; educated Sherborne; Capt BA; married 1st 1973 (divorce 1980) Jill Dare, daughter of Frank D Baker, of Sunbury on Thames, and has:

1h +Charles William Gordon; born 1975

1h •Susanna Lucy; born 1974

1g (cont.) Richard Cavendish married 2nd 1981 •Mrs Susan Denton, daughter of John Glyndwr Thomas, and by her has:

2h •Theresa Louise; born 1983

1g •(Beaujolois) Katharine [Mrs Stephen Smyth-Tyrrell, Bosvathick, Constantine, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5RD]; born 1 April 1947; married 1978 •Stephen Charles Smyth-Tyrrell and has:

1h •Philip Charles; born 1981

1h •Eleanor Katharine Beaujolois; born 1979

2h •Josephine Clare; born 1983

3e Richard Charles Alexander, CBE (1939), KPM (1927); born 6 Aug 1885; Inspr-Gen Kenya Police, CStJ; m 26 May 1936 Margaret, OBE (1966), DGStJ (died 28 July 1977), daughter of Lt-Col Duncan Johnstone and widow of F O Lyon, and died without issue 29 April 1941

1e Rachel Muriel Constance Evelyn; born 13 Oct 1882; died unmarried 24 June 1939

2e Diana Violet Gladys; born 6 Feb 1887; married 16 April 1914 James Shuckburgh Carter (killed in action 27 Sept 1918), Capt Gren Gds, 3rd son of J P Carter, of Eton College, and died 27 July 1962, leaving issue

3e Beatrix Frances Dupois; born 8 March 1888; married 16 April 1914 Hugh Molyneux Miller (died 1944), s of Robert Miller, of Wimbledon, Surrey, and had issue

4e Dorothy Alice Georgina; born 1891; married 28 Aug 1918 Capt Hillary Ralph Hood (died 1960), MC, RGA, and died 1965, leaving issue

1d (cont.) Reginald Cavendish married 2nd 4 July 1922 Martha Douglas (died 26 Jan 1963), daughter of Thomas Henry Reynolds and widow of Col Richard Leigh, HLI, and died 3 Nov 1941

2d Alfred Edward John, CMG (1900); born 19 June 1859; Col and Hon Brig-Gen Argyll and Sutherland Hldrs, Japan and China War 1894–95, Boer War 1899–1902 (despatches), WW I on Staff (despatches); m 18 May 1886 Alice Isabella (died 26 Dec 1944), younger daughter of Hon John Van der Byl, of Cape of Good Hope, and died 2 Feb 1943, leaving:

1e Ralph Henry Voltelin, CBE (1945), MVO (1910), DL (Kent 1952); born 27 March 1887; educated Eton; Capt Gren Gds WW I (despatches), Col HG WW II; m 4 Feb 1926 Lady Gweneth Frida (died 1984), JP, daughter of 8th Earl of Bessborough (see BP&B 2003) and widow of Hon Windham Baring (see BP&B 2003 CROMER, E), and died 21 June 1968, having had:

1f Edward Simon Myles; born 4 Aug 1928; died unmarried 4 Jan 1947 while an Offr Cadet Gren Gds

3d Ernest Lionel Francis; born 2 Feb 1863; Madras Police and Prisons Depts 1883–1900, Prisons Serv UK 1900–22; m 23 Feb 1886 Jessie (died 29 Oct 1930), 2nd daughter of William Jenkins, of West House, Fishguard, and died 10 May 1946, having had:

1e Alwyn Lionel Compton; born 26 March 1890; Sudan Political Serv, Maj Rifle Bde WW I (despatches, severely wounded twice); m 18 Aug 1917 Muriel Cecil Harriott (married 3rd 20 Aug 1946 2nd Baron Forteviot (see BP&B 2003), and died 1975), daughter of Lt-Col Sir Charles Henry Brabazon Heaton-Ellis, CBE, DL, of Wyddiall Hall, Herts (see BLG 1965) and widow of Richard Charles Graves-Sawle, Coldstream Gds (see BP&B 1932 GRAVES-SAWLE, Bt), and d 28 Aug 1928, leaving:

1f +Charles Francis Alwyn Compton [Charles Cavendish Esq, 6 Raven Lane, Ludlow SY8 1BW]; born 29 May 1919; educated Eton and Fettes; Intell Corps and 2nd Lt 8th Hus, Lt KOSB WW II (wounded) ME and NW Europe; married 1st 22 July 1943 (divorce 1946) Margaret Savage, MB, BS, Sect Offr WAAF (died 22 Aug 1961), 4th daughter of Capt Philip Clayton Alcock (see BIFR 1976), JP, DL, of Overton Lodge, Ludlow Salop; married 2nd 19 July 1947 •Esther Marion Patricia, only daughter of Col Chichester de Windt Crookshank (see BLG 1969) of Johnstounburn, Humble, E Lothian, JP, DL, KGStJ, FSA, and Drumhalry, Co Longford, and by her has:

1g +William Alwyn Charles Chichester; born 27 Nov 1956; married 1st 1985 Margaret Josephine, daughter of Joseph Benedict MacDonald, of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and has:

1h +Myles Joseph Charles; born 1991

1h •Monica Josephine Patricia; born 1988

1g (cont.) William Cavendish married 2nd 2001 •Julie Henderson

2g +Mark Andrew Lionel Compton; born 1 Aug 1958; married 1988 •Sarah Jane, elder daughter of Richard Formby, of Chartley Hall, Staffs, and has:

1h +George Andrew Francis Stuart; born 1989

2h +Edward Charles Robert Pitcairn; born 14 Nov 1994

1h •Katharine (Kitty) Mary Louise; born 1991

2c (cont.) Francis Cavendish married 2nd 14 Oct 1876 Ianthe Florence (died 20 July 1917), eldest daughter of Maj-Gen Charles Francis Skyring, RE, and died 12 Jan 1893, leaving by her:

4d Nigel Frederick Rupert; born 22 Jan 1879; educated Bedford Sch; died unmarried 16 Sept 1949

3c Henry Charles Lambton; died 6 Oct 1839

4c Charles William; born 24 Sept 1822; married 1st 27 Oct 1847 Felicia Susan (died without issue 29 Oct 1848), eldest daughter of 4th Earl Beauchamp (see BP&B 1970); married 2nd 25 June 1863 Louisa Cockburn (died 25 April 1869), and by her had:

1d Louis Francis John, Lt RMLI; born 24 Oct 1864; died unmarried 31 Dec 1890

4c (cont.) Charles Cavendish married 3rd 16 June 1873 Mary (died 26 Aug 1900), adopted daughter of Ivie Gregg, and died 21 Dec 1890, leaving:

2d Charles George; born 5 July 1874; married 27 July 1895 Virginia, daughter of Otto Hoz, and died without issue 29 Nov 1946

5c George Henry; born 9 Jan 1824; Capt 1st Life Gds; m 16 Oct 1848 (divorce 1866) Emily Victorine Elizabeth (died 11 Sept 1904), only daughter of Sir William Rumbold, 3rd Bt (see BP&B 2003), and died 21 Jan 1889, leaving:

1d William Henry Alexander George Delmar; born 3 Oct 1849; Queen's Messenger 1881–85, Consul Stettin 1885–87; m 15 Sept 1874 Edith Louisa (died 1 June 1902), daughter of Edmund Chivers, and died Jan 1919, leaving:

1e Charles Alfred William Delmar; born 28 July 1878; married 1st 30 March 1914 (divorce 1926) Ruth Madeline, youngest daughter of Henry Smith, of NSW, and had:

1f +Richard Blake Delmar; born 22 March 1916

1f Sheelah Mary Elizabeth; born 21 Feb 1917; married 26 July 1949 •Keith Cavendish Harris, youngest son of Douglas Stuart Harris, of Ganges, BC, by Alice Lucy Caroline Cavendish (see below), and died 1965

1e (cont.) Charles Cavendish married 2nd 4 Dec 1926 Marguerite Florence (died 12 Oct 1943), eldest daughter of Henri Moreau, of Paris and Sydney, and died 22 Sept 1939

2e William Henry George; born 11 July 1886; married 18 Sept 1907 Beatrice (died 7 Nov 1914), 3rd daughter of Edwin P Pearson, of Toronto, and died 10 Aug 1965, leaving:

1f Edwin Pearson Delmar; born 28 July 1908; educated Bedford Sch and Jesus College Cambridge; Capt RCA WW II (despatches, Croix de Guerre); m 11 Dec 1943 •Daphne Joan [Mrs Edwin Cavendish, Banchory Cottage, Hinton St George, Somerset], 2nd daughter of Maj William John van de Weyer, MVO, of Clyffe, Dorchester and widow of S/Ldr John Pink, RAF, and d 5 Aug 1970, leaving:

1g +Adrian Delmar; born 9 June 1947; educated Sherborne; late Life Gds; married 1982 •Louise Russell, daughter of Thomas Allison Ray, Sr, of Ramona, Calif., and has:

1h +John Spencer; born 1987

2f +William Delmar [William Cavendish Esq, via Gramsci 36, 00197 Rome]; born 5 July 1911; educated Bedford Sch; Capt Middx Regt WW II (wounded twice), Pres John Cabot Internat College Rome; married 1943 •Luisa, daughter of Antonio Fusco, of Catania, Sicily, and has:

1g +William Anthony [William Cavendish Esq, via Privata Maria Teresa 8, Milan, Italy]; born 29 April 1952; educated San Leone Magno Sch and Columbia U New York; Kt SS. Maurice and Lazarus; married 1979 Liliana Delabarbara, of New York, and has:

1h +Edward William Henry Delmar; born 1987

1h •Georgiana Beatrice; born 1985

1g •Jessica Luisa; born 23 Aug 1946

1e Georgina Edith Bessie; born 26 July 1875; married 12 Aug 1897 Winsloe Hall (died 29 April 1936), of Adelaide U, S Australia, and had issue

2e Edith Emily Ida; born 27 March 1881; married 12 Sept 1906 Richard Lucas Chaldecott (died 1933), and had issue

3e Louisa Anna Grace; born 27 March 1882; married 30 April 1914 Henry Augustus Norie, of Cowichan Station, Vancouver Island, BC, and had issue

4e Alice Lucy Caroline; born 2 Nov 1884; married 23 July 1912 Douglas Stuart Harris, of Ganges, BC, and had issue

1d Emily Frances Ida; married 11 April 1877 Prince Luigi Pignatelli d'Aragon (died 8 Dec 1930), of the Pavilion de la Rochefoucauld, Biarritz, and died 12 Sept 1922, leaving issue

3c Caroline Fanny; VA; born 11 Nov 1826; Maid Honour and Extra Woman Bedchamber to HM QUEEN VICTORIA; d unm 25 Jan 1910

3b (cont.) Gen The Hon Henry Cavendish married 3rd 28 Jan 1873 Susanna Emma (died 1910), daughter of William Byerlie, and died 5 April 1873


1b Anne; married 25 Oct 1825 Lord Charles FitzRoy (see BP&B 2003 GRAFTON, D) and died 27 May 1871

2b Caroline; died 9 Jan 1867

1a Dorothy; married 8 Nov 1766 3rd Duke of Portland (see BP&B 2003 PORTLAND, E) and died 3 June 1794, leaving issue

The 6th DUKE's cousin,

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 7th Duke of Devonshire, KG (1858), PC (1878); born 27 April 1808; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge (2nd Wrangler, 1st Smith's Prizeman and 8th Classic, BA and MA 1829, LLD 1835, High Steward, Chllr); MP (Lib) Cambridge U 1829–31, Malton July-Sept 1831, Derbys 1831–32 and N Derbys 1832–34, DCL, FRS, Ld-Lt Derbys, Chllr London and Victoria Us; married 6 Aug 1829 Lady Blanche Georgiana Howard (died 27 April 1840), daughter of 6th Earl of Carlisle (see BLGRY 2005), and died 21 Dec 1891, having had:

1a SPENCER COMPTON CAVENDISH, 8th Duke of Devonshire, KG (1892), GCVO (1907), PC (GB 1866, I 1871), JP, DL (Lancs); born 23 July 1833; educated Trin College Cambridge (MA 1854); MP (Lib) N Lancs 1857–68, Radnor 1869–80, NE Lancs 1880–85 and Rossendale 1885–91, a Lord Admlty March-April 1863, U-Sec War 1863–66, Sec State War Feb-July 1866 and 1882–85, PMG 1868–71, Ch Sec Ireland 1871–74, Sec State India 1880–82, Lord Pres Cncl 1895–1903, Pres Bd Educn 1900–02, Rector Glasgow U 1877–80, Chllr Cambridge U 1892 and Victoria U Manchester 1907, Ld-Lt Derbys and Co Waterford; married 16 Aug 1892 Louise Fredericke Auguste, LJStJ (died 15 July 1911), daughter of Count von Alten, of Hanover and widow of 7th Duke of Manchester (see BP&B 2003), and dsp 24 March 1908

2a Frederick Charles, PC (1882); born 30 Nov 1836; MP NR Yorks, Jr Lord Treasury 1873–74, Fin Sec 1880–02, Ch Sec Ireland 1882; m 7 June 1864 Lucy Caroline (died 22 April 1925), Maid-of-Honour to HM QUEEN VICTORIA, 2nd daughter of 4th Baron Lyttelton (see BP&B 2003 COBHAM, V), and was murdered by Fenians in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, a few hours after his arrival from England 6 May 1882

3a Edward, DL; born 28 Jan 1838; MP E Sussex 1865–68 then W Derbys, Lt Rifle Bde 1860–65, Lt-Col 1st Vol Bn Roy Lancaster Regt; m 3 Aug 1865 Emma Elizabeth (died 24 Sept 1920), 4th daughter of Rt Hon William Lascelles (see BLGRY 2005 HAREWOOD, E), and died 18 May 1891, leaving:


2b Richard Frederick, PC, (1912), CB (1919, CMG (1915), TD, JP, DL (Lancs); born 31 Jan 1871; granted Nov 1908 with younger brother rank of duke's younger s; educated Trin College Cambridge (BA), Hon Col 4th Bn Roy Lancaster Regt, MP Lonsdale 1895–1906, Chm Devpt Commrs, Priv Sec to Sec State India, served WW I (wounded, despatches), Hon Col 56th (King's Own Reg) AT Regt; m 31 July 1895 Lady Moyra de Vere Beauclerk (died 7 Feb 1942), daughter of 10th Duke of Saint Albans (see BP&B 2003), and died 7 Jan 1946, having had:

1c John Edward Compton; born 10 Oct 1907; died 29 May 1908

2c Richard Edward Osborne, JP (1953), DL (Lancs 1946); born 23 Nov 1917; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge; Capt Sherwood Foresters and RHG WW II; m 16 Dec 1937 •Pamela [Mrs Richard Cavendish, The Dower House, Holker, Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria], daughter of Hugh Lloyd Thomas, CMG, CVO, Br Min Paris , and died 14 Aug 1972, leaving:

1d •(Richard) Hugh Cavendish, Baron Cavendish of Furness, of Cartmel, Co Cumbria (LP, UK), so created 1990, DL (Cumbria 1988) [The Rt Hon The Lord Cavendish of Furness DL, Holker Hall, Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria LA11 7PL]; born 2 Nov 1941; educated Eton; Titular Abbot of Furness; internat banker 1961–71, chm: Holker Estate Gp 1971–, Morecambe and Lonsdale C Assoc 1975–78; Govr: St Anne's Sch Windermere 1983–89, Lancs and Cumbria Fndn for Med Res 1994–; High Sheriff Cumbria 1978; memb: Cumbria CC 1985–90, Commn on Historic Buildings and Monuments (English Heritage) 1992–98; Lord in Waiting 1990–92; dir UK Nirex Ltd 1993–; FRSA 1988, Liveryman Fishmongers' Co; married 1970 •Grania Mary, daughter of Brig Toby St George Caulfeild, CBE (see BP&B 2003 CHARLEMONT, V), and has:

1e •Frederick Richard Toby; born 1972

1e •Lucy Georgiana; born 1973

2e •Emily Moyra; born 1980

2d +Edward Osborne [Edward Cavendish Esq, Butley Priory, nr Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3NR]; born 31 Aug 1955; married 1st 1977 (divorce 1980) Kirsten, eldest daughter of Dr Ronald T St Blaize-Molony, of Fordwich, Kent; married 2nd 1983 •(Anna) Frances, younger daughter of Spencer Shelley, of Mayhill Lodge, Mayhill, Glos (see BP&B 2003 SHELLEY, Bt), and has:

1e •Elizabeth Angelica; born 1985

2e •Georgiana Rose; born 1988

1d •Georgiana Elizabeth [Mrs Andrew Clowes, 52 Bowerdean St, London SW6]; born 2 May 1939; married 8 July 1968 •Capt Andrew Henry Clowes, late Scots Gds, only son of Col Henry Nelson Clowes, DSO, OBE, of 30 Burnsall St, London SW3, and has issue (see BP&B 2003 LOTHIAN, M)

2d •Harriet Moyra Aline [Mrs Anthony Sykes, Bellamont House, Long Bredy, Dorset DT2 9HN; 27 Fawcett St, London SW10 9EY]; born 25 Sept 1944; married 12 Aug 1972 •Capt Anthony Peter Coote Sykes, late Roy Scots Greys, younger son of Lt-Col Peter Thomas Wellesley Sykes, OBE, of Chilterne House, Warminster, Wilts, and has:

1e •Eyre William; born 1975

1e •Nina Aline; born 1973

2e •Evelyn Harriet; born 1980

3d •Susan Anne [Susan Crewe, c/o House & Garden, Vogue House, Hanover Sq, London W1S 1HA]; born 31 Aug 1949; educated St Mary's Wantage and Cheshire College of Ag; jnlst (as Susan Crewe), social ed Harpers & Queen 1991–92, ed House & Gardens 1993–; married 1st 5 March 1970 (divorce 1983) Quentin Hugh Crewe (died 14 Nov 1998), writer, s of Col Hugh and Lady Annabel Crewe (see BP&B 1940 CREWE, M), and has:

1e •Nathaniel Richard; born 22 April 1971

1e •Charity; born 1972

3d (cont.) Mrs Susan Crewe married 2nd 10 May 1984 (divorce 19/20–) (Christopher) Nigel John Ryan, CBE, eldest son of Brig Charles Edmond Ryan, MC, of Uckfield, Sussex

1c Elizabeth Vere; born 22 Jan 1897; married 8 Dec 1915 5th Marquess of Salisbury (see BP&B 2003) and died 1982, leaving issue

2c Alix born 5 Aug 1901; died unmarried 29 June 1925

3c Mary Katharine; born 20 July 1903; married 9 Dec 1925 28th Earl of Crawford and (11th Earl of) Balcarres (see BP&B 2003) and died 20 Nov 1994, leaving issue

4c Diana; born 15 Sept 1909; married 1st 21 March 1935 (divorce Court of Session, Edinburgh 1937) Baron (‘Bob') Boothby (LP) (died 1986), only son of Sir Robert Tuite Boothby, KBE, of Beechwood, Murrayfield, Edinburgh; married 2nd 7 July 1942 Lt-Col Hon Ian Campbell-Gray, RE (died 21 March 1946), younger son of Henry Tufnell Craig-Campbell and Lady Gray (see BP&B 2003 GRAY, L); married 3rd 14 Jan 1971 6th Viscount Gage (see BP&B 2003) and died 1992

5c Sybil Moyra; born 10 Aug 1915; married 3 June 1941 Rev Lawrence Gregson Fell Dykes (died 1993), s of Rev Ernest Huntington Dykes, MA, Vicar Holy Trinity, Leeds, and died 2 Aug 2004, leaving:

1d •Michael [Michael Dykes Esq, The Garden House, Holker Hall, Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria]; born 1942

1d •Rose; born 1946

2d •Catherine Mary; born 1948

3b John Spencer, DSO; born 25 March 1875; Maj 1st Life Gds, Boer War 1899–1900 (despatches, medal) and WW I; ka 20 Oct 1914

1a Louisa Caroline; married 26 Sept 1865 Adml Hon Francis Egerton, 2nd son of 1st Earl of Ellesmere, KG, and died 21 Sept 1907, leaving issue (see BP&B 2003 SUTHERLAND, D)

The 8th DUKE's n,

VICTOR CHRISTIAN WILLIAM CAVENDISH, 9th Duke of Devonshire, KG (1916), GCMG (1916), GCVO (1912), PC (1905), JP, DL (Lancs); born 31 May 1868; educated Trin College Cambridge (BA, Hon LLD 1911, High Steward U and Borough); Ld-Lt Derbys, Pres Derbys TAA, High Steward Derby, Chllr U of Leeds 1909, V-Pres Navy League 1909, Hon Col 5th Bn Sherwood Foresters (TD), Hon Col 24th (Derby Yeo), Armd Car Co, RTR, Col Derbys Vol Regt, Maj Derbys Yeo, Mayor Eastbourne 1909–10 and Chesterfield 1911–12, MP (Lib U) W Derbyshire 1891–1908, Treas Household 1900–03, Fin Sec Treasury 1903–05, Civil Lord Admlty 1915–16, Govr-Gen and C-in-C Canada 1916–21, Sec State Colonies 1922–24, KJStJ; married 30 July 1892 Lady Evelyn FitzMaurice (died 2 April 1960), GCVO, JP Derbyshire, DJStJ, Hon LLD Leeds, Mistress Robes to HM QUEEN MARY 1910–53, elder daughter of 5th Marquess of Lansdowne (see BP&B 2003), and had:


2a Charles Arthur Francis; born 29 Aug 1905; Lt RTR; married 9 May 1932 Adele (married 2nd 29 April 1947 Kingman Douglass, of 41 Biltmore Estates, Phoenix, Ariz., and died 19–), daughter of Frederick E Astaire, of USA, and sister of Fred Astaire the dancer, and died 23 March 1944, having had:

1b A dau; born and died 8 Oct 1933

1a Maud Louisa Emma, CBE (1941), JP (Derbys); born 20 April 1896; Controller ATS, Hon Col 540 LAA Regt RA; m 1st 3 Nov 1917 Capt Angus Alexander Mackintosh (died 13 Oct 1918), RHG, only son of The Mackintosh of Mackintosh Chief of the Clan Chattan (see BP&B 2003), and had issue; married 2nd 15 Nov 1923 Brig Hon George Evan Michael Baillie, MC, RA (died 6 June 1941), elder son of Col James Baillie of Dochfour and Baroness Burton (see BP&B 2003), and died 30 March 1975, leaving further issue

2a Blanche Katharine; born 2 Feb 1898; DStJ, Sr Cmdt ATS; m 30 April 1919 Lt-Col Ivan Murray Cobbold, Scots Gds, DL (killed by enemy action 18 June 1944), s of John Dupuis Cobbold, DL, of Holywells (see BLG 1965), Ipswich, and died 1987, leaving:

1b John Cavendish; born 30 June 1927; educated Eton; Lt Welsh Gds, dir Tollemache Cobbold Breweries, Chm Ipswich Town FC; died 1983

2b Patrick Mark; born 20 June 1934; educated Eton; commnd Scots Gds, ADC to Govr Bahamas 1957–60, dir Tolly Cobbold to 1989, Pres Ipswich FC 1990–94 (Chm 1976–90); died unmarried 1994

1b Pamela Maud; born 1 March 1920; married 1st 27 March 1943 (divorce 1950) Maj (William August Ludwig) Vernon Alexander Hope-Johnstone (see BP&B 2003 ANNANDALE AND HARTFELL, E), and had issue; married 2nd 7 Dec 1955 (divorce 1971) Ambrose Alec Patrick George Cadogan (see BP&B 2003 CADOGAN, E) and died 1994

2b Jean; born 7 Oct 1921; married 3 Nov 1951 Roger Hewitt Paul (died 1 June 1987) and died 20 Nov 2001, having had:

1c Ivan Robert Hewitt; born 23 Feb 1953; died unmarried 9 Aug 2000

2c •David Victor Hewitt; born 29 May 1957

1c •Henrietta Catherine; born 2 Aug 1955

2c •Lavinia Christine; born 11 Sept 1962; married 28 July 2000 •(Christopher Edward) James Wells and has:

1d •Christopher Roger Sheppard; born 4 Sept 1995

1d •Virginia Jean Elizabeth; born 1 April 1993

3a Dorothy Evelyn, GBE (1964); born 28 July 1900; married 21 April 1920 1st Earl of Stockton (see BP&B 2003), and died 21 May 1966, leaving issue

4a Rachel, OBE (1946); born 22 Jan 1902; married 4 Aug 1923 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn (see BP&B 2003), and died 2 Oct 1977, leaving issue

5a Anne, MBE (1952); born 30 Aug 1909; married 1st 28 Nov 1929 (divorce 1945) Lt-Col Henry Philip Hunloke (see that Bt BP&B 1856), only son of Maj Sir Philip Hunloke, GCVO, of Cowbridge, Malmesbury, and had:

1b Timothy Henry; born 30 Dec 1932; educated RNC Dartmouth; Gren Gds; died 19–

2b •Nicholas Victor [Nicholas Hunloke Esq, The Old Rectory, Poulshot Rd, Devizes, Wilts SN10 1RY]; born 22 April 1939; educated Eton; late Gren Gds; married 15 July 1965 •Lady Katharine Victoria Montagu, 4th daughter of 10th Earl of Sandwich (see BP&B 2003), and has:

1c •Edward Perceval; born 1 Nov 1969; educated Bryanston; has by •Philippa Collett:

1d •Molly Evelyn HUNLOKE; born 6 Feb 1999

1c •Henrietta Yvery; born 14 May 1968; educated Bryanston; married 17 Oct 1998 •Lucien Henry Valentine Thynne (see BP&B 2003 BATH, M), only son of Valentine Charles Thynne, and has issue

2c •Matilda Anne; born 25 July 1972; educated Bryanston

1b •Philippa Victoria; born 10 Dec 1930; married 26 April 1955 (divorce 1960) 3rd Viscount Astor (see BP&B 2003), and has issue

5a (cont.) Lady Anne Hunloke married 2nd 27 July 1949 Christopher John Holland-Martin (died 5 April 1960), MP, youngest son of Robert Martin Holland-Martin, CB, FSA, of Overbury Court, Tewkesbury (see BLG 1965); married 3rd 7 June 1962 (annulled 1965) 10th Earl of Sandwich (see BP&B 2003) and died 1981

The 9th DUKE died 6 May 1938; his elder son,

EDWARD (EDDY) WILLIAM SPENCER CAVENDISH, 10th Duke of Devonshire, KG (1941), MBE, TD, JP (Derbys); born 6 May 1895; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge (High Steward, Hon LLD 1938); Ld-Lt Derbys, Chllr Leeds U 1938, Mayor Buxton 1919 and 1920, Maj and Brev Lt-Col Derbys Yeo, Hon Col Notts and Derbys Regt (TA), Hon Col 24th (Derby Yeo) Armoured Car Co, RTR (TA), memb: Nat Assembly C of E, Roy Commn Historical Monuments, Br Delegn Peace Conf Paris 1919, MP (U) W Derbys 1923–38, Assist Priv Sec to his father the 9th Duke 1923, Parly U-Sec Dominion Affrs 1936–40, India and Burma 1940–42 and Colonies 1942–45, Grand Master United Grand Lodge England, Warden Fishmongers' Co 1940, Chm Overseas Settlement Bd, served WW I (despatches twice), Legn Hon; married 21 April 1917 Lady Mary Alice Gascoyne-Cecil (died 1988), GCVO (1955), CBE (1946), Hon LLD Leeds (1954), Mistress Robes to HM THE QUEEN 1953–66, Chllr Exeter U 1956–71 (Hon LLD 1956), daughter of 4th Marquess of Salisbury (see BP&B 2003), and died 26 Nov 1950, having had:

1a William John Robert, Marquess of Hartington; born 10 Dec 1917; educated Eton; Maj Coldstream Gds WW II (despatches); m 6 May 1944 Kathleen (killed in a flying accident in France 13 May 1948), 2nd daughter of Joseph P Kennedy (see AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES), and was killed in action by a sniper Belgium 10 Sept 1944

2a ANDREW ROBERT BUXTON CAVENDISH, 11th Duke of Devonshire, KG (1996), MC (1944), PC (1964); born 2 Jan 1920; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge (BA 1943); Maj Coldstream Gds WW II, Mayor Buxton 1952–54, V-Lt Derbys 1957–87 (DL 1953–57), Cwlth Rels: Parly U-Sec 1960–62 and Min State 1962–64; Pres: Chesterfield C Assoc, Bldg Socs Assoc 1954–61, Roy Hosp and Home for Incurables, Eastbourne College and Nat Deaf Children's Soc; Chm: Roy Cwlth Soc 1966–69 (Pres 1969–) and Grand Cncl Br Empire Cancer Campaign 1956–81, Steward Jockey Club 1966–69, Patron in Chief Polite Society 1991–, Patron UKIP, KStJ, Chllr Manchester U 1965, Hon LLD Liverpool 1981, Hon Dr of Law Memorial U Newfoundland, author: Park Top: A Romance of the Turf (1976) and Accidents of Fortune (2004); married 19 April 1941 •Hon Debo(rah) Vivien, DCVO (see BP&B 2003) [Her Grace Debo Duchess of Devonshire, Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbys DE45 1PP], youngest daughter of 2nd Baron Redesdale (see BP&B 2003), and died 3 May 2004, having had:

1b A son; born and died 14 Nov 1941

2b PEREGRINE ANDREW MORNY CAVENDISH, 12th and present Duke of Devonshire

3b Victor; born and died 22 May 1947

1b •Emma; born 26 March 1943; chm Nat Tst Gdns Advsy panel 1984–; married 3 Sept 1963 •Hon Tobias William Tennant, youngest son of 2nd Baron Glenconner (see BP&B 2003), and has issue

2b Mary; born and died 5 April 1953

3b •Sophia Louise Sydney [The Lady Sophia Topley, The Quadrangle, Tisbury, Wilts]; born 18 March 1957; married 1st 20 Oct 1979 (divorce 1987) Anthony William Lindsay Murphy; married 2nd 1988 (divorce) Alastair John Morrison (see BP&B 2003 MARGADALE, B) and has issue; married 3rd 25 Nov 1999 •Will(iam) Topley

1a Mary; born 6 Nov, died 17 Nov 1922

2a •Elizabeth Georgiana Alice, CVO (1997, LVO 1976) [The Lady Elizabeth Cavendish CVO, 19 Radnor Walk, London SW3]; born 24 April 1926; Extra Lady-in-Waiting to HRH PRINCESS MARGARET Oct 1954–2002

3a •Anne Evelyn Beatrice [The Lady Anne Tree, 29 Radnor Walk, London SW3]; born 6 Nov 1927; married 3 Nov 1949 •Michael Lambert Tree (see that family BLG 1969), and adopted:

•Isabella Elizabeth Nancy; born 1964; married 1993 •Charles Raymond Burrell, eldest son of Sir (John) Raymond Burrell, 9th Bt (see BP&B 2003)

•Esther Anne Mary; born 14 Oct 1966; married 1992 •James Michael Beale Cayzer-Colvin (see BP&B 2003 CAYZER, B), and has issue

Seats: Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbys; Bolton Abbey, Yorks; Lismore Castle, Lismore, Co Waterford, Ireland.

The site of the present house of Chatsworth was first selected by Bess of Hardwicke and her husband of five years Sir William Cavendish when in 1552 they started to transform a wild Derbyshire valley. The plan was conventional enough: a courtyard enclosed by four wings. It was the 1st Duke who transformed their structure into something more closely resembling what the visitor sees today. Employing William Talman, WILLIAM III's Comptroller of the Works and the man who completed Wren's planned alterations to Hampton Court, he initially remodelled the south front. He then turned to the east wing. Between 1687, when he started, and his death in 1707 he transformed almost all the Tudor exterior, though some internal features remained. It was at this time too that the grounds were laid out, in particular the spectacular water features, notably the canal pond and the stepped waterfall issuing from a temple.

Some fifty years after the 1st Duke's death Capability Brown carried out substantial alterations to the grounds, even changing the course of the river facing the south front, over which James Paine built the bridge. In the early 19th century Sir Jeffry Wyatville (see BLG 1972 WYATT) extended the main house to encompass a new set of state rooms, a theatre, a library and a sculpture gallery. He also carried out alterations to the private apartments. Sir Joseph Paxton undertook similarly extensive remodelling of the grounds.

The estate today covers 12,000 acres and, although Bolton Abbey (see below) is more famous as a sporting property, includes moorland. In 1932 protesters organized a mass trespass at Kinder Scout, about 20 miles northwest of Chatsworth in the High Peak district of Derbyshire. The 9th Duke set his gamekeepers on them and six people were imprisoned. The 10th and 11th Dukes have taken a more enlightened attitude and in autumn 2002 the latter made a public statement to the effect that there should be more public access to countryside belonging to landowners and farmers. Earlier that year he had apologized to an assembly of 1,000 ramblers for his grandfather's action, calling it a ‘great evil'. Something of a walker himself in his time (he once did the 39–mile Lyke Wake route across the North Yorkshire Moors to Ravenscar on the east coast), he latterly devoted himself to gentler pursuits than either grouse-shooting or rambling. At Chatsworth itself he bred prize-winning camellias, 72 varieties of crocus and a member of the plantain family known as the Chatsworth Banana. In a Radio Times and BBC Channel 5 poll early 2003 Chatsworth was voted the country's favourite ‘stately home'.

The Bolton Abbey property was acquired through marriage with the Cliffords. It is fundamentally a shooting box rather than palatial country mansion like Chatsworth, though the box in question is the converted gatehouse to a dissolved Augustianian priory. It is surrounded by 30,000 acres of some of the best grouse shooting in the British Isles, kept on after the 10th Duke's death despite the depredations of inheritance tax (£7m in 1950, roughly £140m in early–2000s terms) and his successor's giving up shooting altogether.

The Lismore Castle estate came into the family through marriage with the Boyles, Earls of Cork and Burlington, who had in turn bought it from Sir Walter Raleigh in 1602. Lismore is of medieval origins, built by the Bishops of Waterford, but was a ruin when Lord Cork/Burlington acquired it. He restored it, only to see its destruction during the Civil War. It was again restored by his son but the aspect it wears today dates from the time of the 6th Duke, who ‘reigned' from 1811 to 1858. He employed William Atkinson between 1812 and 1822 as architect and in the 1850s Augustus Welby Pugin and Frederick Crace on the internal features. Paxton also carried out work on Lismore – to perhaps a surprising degree considering the scale of his commitments at Chatsworth and elsewhere, such as the Crystal Palace.


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