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THE 8TH VISCOUNT GAGE OF CASTLE ISLAND , Co Kerry, Baron Gage of Castlebar, Co Mayo, Baron Gage of High Meadow, Co Gloucester, and a Baronet (Sir (Henry) Nicolas Gage, Bt, DL (E Sussex 1998)) [The Rt Hon The Viscount Gage DL, Firle Place, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6LP]; born 9 April 1934; succeeded bro 1993; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; late 2nd Lt Coldstream Gds; married 1974 •Lady Diana Adrienne Beatty, elder daughter of 2nd Earl Beatty (qv), and has:

1a +HENRY WILLIAM; born 25 June 1975

2a +Richard David Benedict; born 21 Feb 1977

Lineage: JOHN GAGE, of Cirencester; had an only son:

JOHN GAGE; married Joan, daughter and coheir of John Sudgrove, of Sudgrove-in-Miserder, Glos, and died c 1440, leaving:

Sir JOHN GAGE, of Burstow, Surrey, who acquired that seat and Penshurst, Kent, together with large estates in Sussex and Bucks by marriage with Eleanor, daughter and coheir of Thomas St Clere (only son of Sir Philip St Clere, of Ightham, Kent, by Margaret, sole heir of Sir Nicholas de Lovayne, of Burstow, and grandson of Sir Philip St Clere, MP Sussex 1377); died 30 Sept 1486, leaving (with a younger son John, ancestor of the GAGEs of Rushton, Northants):

WILLIAM GAGE; inherited Burstow and Penshurst, but sold the latter (see DE L'ISLE, V) and built a house at West Firle, Sussex, in the Manor of Heighton St Clere, which had come to his mother's family by the marriage of John de St Clere (died 1327) with Isolda, sole heir of Thomas de Aldham, of Ightham and Aldham, Kent; married Agnes, daughter of Benjamin Bol(e)ney, of Bolney, Sussex, and sister of John Bol(e)ney, MP Sussex 1459, and died 1496, leaving an only son:

Sir JOHN GAGE, KG (1532), KB (1543), PC (c 1522–c 1548 and 1549), JP (Sussex 1510–22), of Firle; born 1479; participated in HENRY VIII's French campaign of 1513, Govr Guisnes 1522 and later Oye, Comptroller Calais 1522, V-Chamberlain to HENRY VIII 1528–40, MP Sussex 1529, granted various monastic lands (including Kelagh Priory 1540) despite being so pious he at one point contemplated becoming a Carthusian; Constable Tower London 1540–53 and 1553 on, Comptroller Household 1540–c 1548 and Chllr Duchy Lancaster 1540, cmded English army English victory over Scots of Solway Moss 1542, Lord Chamberlain 1553; married Philippa, daughter of Sir Richard Guilford or Guldeford, KG (either grandfather or cousin of Jane, wife of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland), and died 18 April 1556, having had (with four daughters, one of whom, Alice, married as his 1st wife Sir Anthony Browne, KG, and another, Anne, married John Thatcher, of Priestshaws, Sussex):

1a EDWARD (Sir)

2a John, of Bentley, Sussex; had:

1b John, of Wormley, Herts; married Eleanor, widow of Sir Thomas Baskerville and daughter of Richard Habingdon, and was ancestor of:

1c John Gage, of Bentley Park, Sussex; married 1701 Lucy, daughter and heir of John Mayo, and had, with three sons (died without issue ):

1d Lucy; married William Herrick, of Beaumanoir, Leics

3a Robert, of Haling, Surrey; MP Lewes 1534; had:

1b Robert; beheaded for supporting MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS

2b John, of Haling; had:

1c Henry (Sir); royalist Govr Oxford Civil War; twice relieved Basing House but was killed in action Cullum Bridge 7 Jan 1644

4a William; died without issue

Sir JOHN's eldest son,

Sir EDWARD GAGE, KB, of Firle; married Elizabeth, daughter of John Parker, of Willingdon, Sussex, and died 1568, having had (with a 2nd and 4th s):

1a John; MP Lewes 1557; died without issue 1595

3a Thomas; born 1541; married his cousin Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Guilford or Guldeford, of Hemstead, Kent, and died 1590, leaving, with six other sons:

1b JOHN (Sir), 1st Bt

1b Mary; married Sir Thomas Pordage

2b Elizabeth; married Cressacre More, great-grandson of Sir and St Thomas More

5a Edward; married Margaret, 3rd daughter of John Shelley, of Michel Grove, and had:

1b Elizabeth; married Sir John Stradling, 1st Bt, and had issue

1a Agnes; married 1566 Sir Edward Stradling, of St Donat's Castle, Glam

2a Philippa; married Edward Saunder

3a Mary; married 1569 James Thatcher

4a Margery; married Anthony Kemp

5a Lucy

6a Margaret; married Henry Darell

Sir EDWARD's 2nd son,

Sir John Gage, 1st Bt (E), so created 26 March 1622, of Firle; married c 28 June 1611 Penelope (married 3rd 1642 Sir William Hervey (see BRISTOL, M), and died 1661), widow of Sir George Trenchard, of Wolverton, Dorset, and daughter and coheir of Thomas DArcy, 1st Earl Rivers of the 1621 cr, by Mary, daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Kitson, of Hargrave or Hengrave, Suffolk, and died 3 Oct 1633, having had:

1a THOMAS (Sir), 2nd Bt

2a John; died without issue

3a Sir EDWARD GAGE, 1st Bt (E), so created 15 July 1662; born c 1626; married 1675 Frances, daughter of 1st Earl of Desmond (see DENBIGH and DESMOND, E); inherited the Hengrave estate from his mother, and was ancestor of the GAGEs, later ROKEWODE-GAGEs, Bts, of Hengrave and Coldham Hall, Suffolk

4a Henry; married Henrietta, daughter of Sir Thomas Jermyn, KB, of Rushbroke, Suffolk, and sister of 1st Baron Jermyn of St Edmundsbury, and had:

1b John Gage, of Princethorpe, Norfolk

1b Mary; nun

1a Frances; married 1st Sir William Tresham, Bt; married 2nd her cousin George Gage

2a Penelope; married Henry Merry, of Barton, Derbys

3a Elizabeth; married Sir Thomas Petre, of Cranham, Essex

4a Anne; married Henry Petre

Sir JOHN's eldest son,

Sir Thomas Gage, 2nd Bt, of Firle; married 1635 Mary (married 2nd May 1661 Sir Henry Goring, 2nd Bt of the 1622 created (see GORING, Bt), and died 1694), eldest daughter and coheir of John Chamberlain, of Sherborne Castle, Oxon, and died 2 July 1654, having had:

1a Sir Thomas Gage, 3rd Bt; died unmarried 22 Nov 1660

2a Sir John Gage, 4th Bt; Sheriff Sussex 1687–88; married 1st Mary (died 28 July 1686), daughter and sole heir of Robert Middlemore, of Edgbaston, Warwicks, by Henrietta Maria, daughter of Sir Maurice Drummond, and had:

1b Mary; married 1st c 1690 Sir John Shelley, 3rd Bt (qv), and had issue; married 2nd George Mathew, of Thurles, Co Tipperary, and died by 1722

2b Bridget; married July 1698 3rd Viscount Fauconberg of Henknowle (died 26 Nov 1718), and died 18 Nov 1732, leaving issue

2a (cont.) Sir John married 2nd Mary, daughter of Sir William Stanley, 1st Bt, of Hooton, and died 27 May 1699, leaving further issue:

1b Sir John Gage, 5th Bt; born 1692; died Jan 1700

2b Sir Thomas Gage, 6th Bt; died abroad Oct 1713

3b Sir William Gage, 7th Bt; born 1695, KB (1725); conformed to C of E (the Gages previously having been recusants), MP Seaford 1727–44; died unmarried 23 April 1744

3b Mary; married 22 Jan 1715/6 8th Baron Teynham (qv); buried 10 Jan 1716/7

3a Henry; died without issue

4a Joseph, SJ; entered English College Rome 1670; married Elizabeth (died 5 Dec 1693), daughter and eventual heir of Sir George Penruddock, of Hale, by Ursula, daughter and heir of Sir E Lawley, of Wenlock, and widow of Sir R Bertie, KB (see LINDSEY and ABINGDON, E), and had:

1b THOMAS, 1st Viscount

2b Joseph (Edward), Count (de) Gage(s); born 1678?; made and lost a fortune speculating on the French market in land in the Mississippi region of N America (stock in which he allegedly held c 1719 to the value of £13,000,000, or well over £885,000,000 in early-2000s terms); at the peak of his financial success offered £3,000,000 (well over £204,000,000 in early-2000s terms) for the Crown of Poland (this offer refused by KING AUGUSTUS), also offered to buy Sardinia from its king (offer again refused), later moved to Spain and involved in gold mining in the Asturias (unprofitable), later wreck salvage in Spanish and Spanish Indies (i.e., probably Caribbean) coastal waters (moderately profitable); given a silver mine (very profitable) by PHILIP V OF SPAIN 1741 and made a Spanish Grandee of the 3rd Class; C-in-C Spanish forces Italy 1742–46, his mission being to put into effect the grand strategy of PHILIP's imperious 2nd wife QUEEN ISABEL (she at one point ordered Gage to attack the enemy in three days or be relieved of his post), the strategy in question being to make her younger son Don Felipe King of Lombardy in the teeth of Austrian opposition; ably but in the long run unsuccessfully carried out his instructions, at one point giving a ball in Bologna to distract the local people while he prepared a surprise attack on the Austrians (it being winter, both armies had nominally suspended operations, as was customary then); the ensuing Battle of Camp Santo (4 Feb 1743) indecisive but treated in Spain as a victory, Gage being advanced to the rank of Grandee of the 1st Class; also held Order of St Januarius; (?)married 1st(?) Catherine, daughter of John Caryll, of West Harting; married (2nd?) Lady Mary Herbert, daughter of 2nd Marquess and 2nd titular Duke of Powis (see POWIS, E), and died 31 Jan 1753

1b Elizabeth; married John Weston, of Sutton

2b Anne; married Richard Arundell Bealing, of Lanherne, Cornwall

1a Frances; married Sir Charles Yate, 3rd Bt (died 1680), and had issue

2a Mary; married Anthony Kempe

3a Catherine; married after 1680, as his 2nd wife, 3rd Lord Aston of Forfar and died without issue 2 April 1720

The 7th Bt's cousin,

Sir Thomas Gage, 8th Bt, and 1st Viscount Gage of Castle Island, Co Kerry, so created 14 Sept 1720, as also BARON GAGE OF CASTLEBAR, Co Mayo (both I); born RC, later conformed to C of E but returned to RC Church by his death; FRS 1728, MP (Whig) Minehead April-May 1717 and Tewkesbury 1721–54; married 1st 1717 Benedicta/Beata Maria Theresa (died 25 July 1749), only daughter and heir of Benedict Hall, of High Meadow, Glos, and had:

1a WILLIAM HALL GAGE, 2nd Viscount Gage of Castle Island; born 1 Jan 1718; created 17 Oct 1780 BARON GAGE OF FIRLE, Co Sussex (GB) and 1 Nov 1790 BARON GAGE OF HIGH MEADOW, Co Gloucester (GB), with in the second case remainder failing heirs male of his body to his n Henry since by now he was without male issue; MP Seaford 1744–47 and 1754–80; married 3 Feb 1757 Elizabeth Gideon (died 1 July 1783), sister of Sampson Eardley, neé Gideon, 1st and last Baron Eardley of Spalding, and had an only son (died in infancy); died without surviving issue 11 Oct 1791, when the Barony of Gage of Firle expired

2a Thomas; born 1721; Lt 1741, Capt 62nd Foot 1745, Maj 55th Foot 1748, ADC to Earl of Albemarle (qv) Flanders 1747–48, Lt-Col 44th Foot 1751, campaigned under Braddock N America 1754 and subsequently there and Canada (Brig-Gen by 1759) till 1772 (Govr Montreal c 1760, Maj-Gen 1761, C-in-C N America 1763–72, Col 60th Royal American Regt, Col 22nd Foot, Lt-Gen 1770), Govr in Chief and Capt Gen Massachusetts Bay Province 1774 with HQ at Boston, C-in-C Forces N America 1775–76 during the early stages of the War of Independence, Col 17th Dragoons and later 11th Dragoons, Gen 1782; married 8 Dec 1758 Margaret (died 9 Feb 1824), daughter of Hon Peter Kembal/Kemble, Pres Cncl of New Jersey, by Gertrude, daughter of Samuel Bayard and Margaret, daughter of Rt Hon Stephen Van Cortlandt, and died 2 April 1787, leaving:

1b HENRY, 3rd Viscount

2b John, of Rogate, Hants; born 23 Dec 1767; married 20 May 1793 Mary (died 9 Nov 1846), only daughter and heir of John Milbanke by Lady Mary Watson-Wentworth, sister and coheir of 2nd and last Marquess of Rockingham, KG, and died 24 Dec 1846, leaving, with other issue:

1c Thomas Wentworth (Rev); Vicar Higham Ferrers, Northants; married 17 Feb 1831 Mary Elizabeth (died 16 May 1888), daughter and coheir of 5th Marquess of Queensberry (qv), and died 19 March 1837, leaving, with other issue:

1d Charles Wentworth; born 28 Feb 1832; married June 1862 Georgina, daughter of C Toker, of Montreal, and died 17 May 1868, leaving:

1e Charles Wentworth; born 1 June 1868

1e Mary Clarissa

2c John William; married 4 Aug 1832 Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Lushington, and died without issue 10 Jan 1849

1c Mary; married 28 April 1820 Henry Peter Delme (died 29 Jan 1883), of Cams Hall, Hants, and died 17 June 1870

2c Charlotte Margaret; married 20 Oct 1825 John Hodgetts Hodgetts-Foley (see FOLEY OF KIDDERMINSTER, B), and died 9 Sept 1851, leaving issue

3c Louisa Henrietta; married 16 Nov 1847 Ernest Rodolph, Baron Bertouch, of Denmark (died 8 July 1869)

3b William Hall (Sir), GCB, GCH; a Lord Admlty, Adml of the Fleet 1862; born 2 Oct 1777; died without issue 5 Jan 1864

1b Maria Theresa; married 2 March 1792 Sir James Gregan-Craufurd, 2nd Bt (see CRAUFURD OF KILBIRNEY, Bt), and died 21 April 1832, leaving issue

2b Louisa Elizabeth; married 13 Feb 1794 Sir James Henry Blake, 3rd Bt, of Langham (died 21 April 1832, see 1970 edn), and died 21 Jan 1832, leaving issue

3b Harriet; died unmarried 1835

4b Charlotte Margaret; married 22 April 1802 Adml Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Bt (died 16 June 1858), and died Sept 1814, leaving issue

5b Emily; married 27 Aug 1807 5th Earl of Abingdon (see LINDSEY and ABINGDON, E), and died 28 Aug 1838, leaving issue

1a Theresa; married George Tasburgh, of Bodney, Norfolk, and died without issue 1775

The 1st Viscount married 2nd 26 Dec 1750 Jane (née Godfrey; died 8 Oct 1757), widow of Henry Jermyn Bond, of Bury St Edmunds, and died 21 Dec 1754

The 2nd VISCOUNT's n,

HENRY GAGE, 3rd Viscount Gage of Castle Island; born 4 March 1761; Maj-Gen 1850; married 12 Jan 1789 his cousin Susanna Maria (died 9 April 1821), only daughter and heir of Lt-Gen William Skinner by Susan, daughter and coheir of Adml Sir Peter Warren, KB, of Westbury, Hants, MP Westminster, and had, with other issue:

1a HENRY HALL, 4th Viscount

2a Thomas William, of Westbury; born 4 Aug 1796; married 12 June 1824 Arabella Cecil (died 25 Feb 1840), daughter of T W St Quintin, of Scampston Hall, Yorks, and died 26 Jan 1855, having had:

1b William; born 26 Oct 1828; died unmarried 22 Aug 1846

1b Arabella Elizabeth; married 17 Jan 1856 her cousin Gen Hon Edward Thomas Gage, CB, and died 8 Nov 1860, leaving issue (see below)

The 3rd VISCOUNT died 29 Jan 1808; his elder son,

HENRY HALL GAGE, 4th Viscount Gage of Castle Island; born 14 Dec 1791; married 8 March 1813 Elizabeth Maria (died 13 June 1857), eldest daughter of Hon Edward Foley (see FOLEY OF KIDDERMINSTER, B), and had:

1a Henry Edward Hall; born 9 Jan 1814; Lt-Col Roy Sussex Militia; married 31 Aug 1840 Sophia Selina (died 4 May 1886), only daughter of Sir Charles Knightley, 2nd Bt, and sister and in her issue heir of 1st and last Baron Knightley of Fawsley (see 1895 edn), and died in the lifetime of the father 8 Sept 1875, having had, with other issue (died young):

1b HENRY CHARLES, 5th Viscount

1b Selina Elizabeth; married 1st 22 July 1862 (divorce 1872) Henry Cavendish, of Chyknell, Salop; married 2nd 1873 J White, of Westbank, Fifeshire

2a Edward Thomas, CB; born 28 Dec 1825; Lt-Gen, Col cmdg RHA, Kt Medjidie; married 1st 17 Jan 1856 his cousin Arabella Elizabeth (died 8 Nov 1860), daughter of Hon Thomas William Gage (see above), and had:

1b William Henry St Quintin; born 12 Feb 1858; educated Exeter College Oxford; died unmarried 31 Dec 1939

2b Francis Edward; b 13 Oct 1860; educated Wellington; Immigration Offr at a Tyne Port; married 1918 Alys Maude, daughter of Mark Simpson, of Daglingworth, Glos, and died 10 June 1936

1b Mary Cecil Elizabeth Wilhelmina; born 12 Sept 1856; married 28 Dec 1882 Rev Henry Steuart Gladstone, MA (died 14 Jan 1929), of Hazelwood, King's Langley, Herts, Vicar Honingham, Norwich (see BLGY 2004 WALKER formerly of Mount St John), and died 22 Jan 1929, leaving issue

2b Georgiana Elizabeth; born 5 July 1859; died unmarried 28 Jan 1931

2a (cont.) Lt-Gen Edward Gage married 2nd 18 Nov 1862 Ella Henrietta (died 7 June 1916), daughter of James and Lady Caroline Maxse (see BERKELEY, B), and died 21 May 1889, having by her had:

3b Ælla Molyneux Berkeley, of Sludge Hall, Billesdon, Leics; born 29 Sept 1863; Maj TFR, T/Lt-Col whilst Inspr of War Camps Egypt 1916, formerly Capt 14th Hus, Boer War 1899–1900 (Queen's medal with three clasps); married 30 Oct 1888 Ethel Marion (died 27 Oct 1949), daughter of John Lysaght, of Springfort, Glos, and died 25 Aug 1937, leaving:

1c John Fitzhardinge Berkeley; born 3 June 1901; educated Eton; Lt-Cdr RNVR, Lt 4th Hus; married 1st 29 Dec 1923 (divorce 1927) Olivia Beth (died 1948), adopted daughter of Brig-Gen R G MacLachlan, Rifle Bde, of Rookley House, King's Somborne, Hants; married 2nd 31 Oct 1931 (divorce 1937) Griselda Margaret (died 1992), younger daughter of R-Adml Sir Godfrey Marshall Paine, KCB, MVO, of Portsmouth; married 3rd 19– Jenny Elvira (died 1993), daughter of –, and died 1967, having by his 2nd wife had:

1d John Grenville Berkeley; born 28 Sept 1933; educated Eton; married 1961 •Pauline [Mrs John Gage, 45 Kew Rd, Richmond, Surrey], daughter of Antony Paul Pape, and died 1983, leaving:

1e +Ælla Rupert Fitzhardinge Berkeley; born 1966

1e Cassandra Griselda Louise; born 1961; died 1992

2e •Emma Leonora Falaise; born 1963

2d +Thomas Ælla Godfrey [Thomas Gage Esq, Withypool, Somerset]; born 5 April 1935; educated Eton; married 1st 1960 (divorce 1982) Dorothy Isobel Margaret (married 2nd – Burton), daughter of John Baxter Wylie; married 2nd 19 Oct 1983 •Ina Merete, daughter of Johan Frederik Utke Meincke, of Denmark, and by his 1st wife has:

1e +Andrew Thomas Berkeley; born 11 July 1961

2e +John Duncan Godfrey; born 22 Oct 1962

1e •Caroline Margaret; born 28 March 1966

2e •Amber Camilla; born 23 March 1969; married 6 Sept 1997 •George Dennis Bampfylde Stucley, elder son of Sir Hugh Stucley, 6th Bt (qv), and has issue

3d +Malcolm Edward Fitzhardinge; born 16 July 1936; educated Eton; late RHG; married 1971 Vanessa Smith (died 1984)

1d •Dawn Falaise [Mrs John Loughman, Creek Cottage, Saltern's Lane, Hayling Island, Hants]; born 22 Aug 1932; married 1st 11 Oct 1952 (divorce 1963) John Kershaw Sanders, only son of John Hearne Sanders, ICS; married 2nd 1963 •Capt John Pym Loughman, RN, and by her 1st husband has:

1e •John James Godfrey; born 1953

2e •Guy Dominic Robson; born 1955

3e •Hugo Thomas Kershaw; born 1957

4b Roger Fitzhardinge; Consul Rouen and Cherbourg; born 5 March 1868; Lt 4th Bn Liverpool Regt; died unmarried 17 July 1904

5b James Seton Drummond; born 28 June 1870; Lt 5th Dragoon Gds, Capt Hampshire Yeo 1914, Dongola Expdn 1896 (two medals with two clasps), Boer War, including defence of Ladysmith (two medals, four clasps) and WW I (two medals); married 20 Aug 1927 Beatrice Eleanor Genevieve (died 27 Jan 1953), only daughter of John Reginald Grahame White, of Faygate House, Faygate, Sussex, and died without issue 25 May 1952

6b Moreton Foley, DSO, DL (Northants); born 12 Jan 1873; Lt-Col 5th Dragoon Gds, GSO BEF 1914–16, Bde Cdr 1916–19, Hon Brig-Gen 1919, Mil Attaché Washington, DC, 1912–14, served Uganda 1898–99 (despatches, medal), Boer War 1899–1902 (despatches, Queen's medal with five clasps, King's medal with two clasps) and WW I (despatches, twice, brevet); m 1st 8 Oct 1902 Anne Massie (died 12 April 1915), eldest daughter of William Everard Strong, of New York, and had:

1c Berkeley Everard Foley (Sir), KCMG (1955, CMG 1949); born 27 Feb 1904; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge (BA 1925); Special Envoy UK Delegn Dumbarton Oaks and San Francisco Confs 1944 and 1945, Counsellor The Hague 1947–50 (Chargé d'Affaires 1947 and 1948), Consul Gen Chicago 1950–54, Amb Siam 1954–57 and Peru 1958–63, Chm Ctee Exports to Latin America, memb Br Nat/l Export Cncl, memb Cncl Vols Overseas 1964–66, Grand Cross Peruvian Order Sun; married 1st 15 Jan 1931 (divorce 1954) Hedwig Maria Gertrud Eva, daughter of Carl von Chappuis, of Liegnitz, Silesia; married 2nd 4 Oct 1954 Lillian, formerly wife of – Riggs-Miller and daughter of Vladimir Vukmirovich, formerly Yugoslav Consul-Gen Chicago, and died 3 March 1994, having by his 1st wife had:

1d Anthony St Clere Berkeley; born 9 Nov 1931; educated Gordonstoun and U of Chicago; married 1 May 1965 •Virginia Mary, daughter of Denis Henry Ferens, of Orley House, Ipplepen, S Devon, and died 1984, leaving:

1e +Benjamin Francis; born 3 May 1969

2e +Gregory Bernard; born 5 May 1971

3e +Oliver; born 7 April 1973

2d +Ulick Charles Christopher [Ulick Gage Esq, 19 Bruce St, Stanmore, NSW 2048, Australia]; born 7 Jan 1938; educated Eton and St John's College Cambridge (BA 1963, MA 1966); 2nd Lt 12th Lancers Cyprus 1959, architect 1969, ARIBA, FRAIA; married 12 Dec 1964 (divorce 1988) Helen Mary Janet, 2nd daughter of AVM Evelyn Michael Thomas Howell, CBE, of Letchworth, Herts, and has:

1e +Marius Berkeley; born 21 Sept 1966; married 12 March 1994 •Chui Yoke Seet, and has:

1f +Nemo Matthew; born 21 June 2001

1e •Ulicia Mary; born 23 May 1965

2c +Edward Fitzhardinge Peyton [Maj Edward Gage, Château de Combecave, 82109 Bourg de Visa, Tarn et Garonne, France]; born 3 July 1906; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford (BA); High Sheriff Salop 1963, Maj Coldstream Gds WW II; married 21 Jan 1931 Thalia Westcott (died 8 June 1994), eldest daughter of Stephen Caldwell Millett, of New York, and has:

1d +Robert (‘Robin') Westcott Moreton [Robin Gage Esq, Strelley House, Lowdham, Notts NG14 7BJ]; born 19 April 1934; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford (MA 1957); Lt Life Gds 1952–54; married 1st 4 April 1964 (divorce 1978) Maria Teresa Francisca, younger daughter of Don Emilio Diaz-Caneja, of Santander, Spain; married 2nd 1990 •Elisabeth Nicola Maria, daughter of Benjamin Hubert Dowson, and by his 1st wife has had:

1e Henry St Clere Rokewood; born 12 June 1966; died 31 May 1996

1e •Dolores Isabella; born 2 March 1965; married 15 Feb 2002 •Pedro Emiliano Sánchez-Lladó , and has:

1f •Nicolás Fortiá SANCHEZ-GAGE; born 5 Nov 2002

1d •Ann Caroline Thalia; born 25 Nov 1931; educated St Hilda's College Oxford (BA 1953); married 25 Feb 1960 •Hon Robin Alexander Baring, younger son of 6th Baron Ashburton (qv), and has issue

2d •Elizabeth Estling [Miss Elizabeth Gage, 20 Albemarle St, London SW1]; born 31 Dec 1937; married 1st 5 Dec 1957 (divorce 1964) David Vernon Russell, son of Brig Hugh Edward Russell, DSO; married 2nd 21 March 1970 David Bruce Douglas Lowe, s of died G A Lowe; married 3rd 1974 (divorce 1983) Richard Perkins

6b Brig-Gen Moreton Gage married 2nd 30 Sept 1916 Frances (died 14 June 1955), younger daughter of Senator Henry F Lippitt, of Rhode Island, and died 6 July 1953, having by her had:

3c +Quentin Henry Moreton [Maj Quentin Gage, Pelham Cottage, Church Lane, Hellingly, E Sussex BN27 4HA]; born 22 Aug 1920; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; Maj Gren Gds WW II (wounded); married 16 April 1949 •Hazel Swinton, elder daughter of Col George Archibald Swinton Home, DSO, OBE, 5th Dragoon Gds, of Kenya, and has:

1d +Jonathan Moreton; born 31 March 1954; educated Eton and RMA Sandhurst; Lt RARO; married 1994 •Anna Hobson, and has:

1e +Edward Moreton Quentin; born 4 Jan 1996

1e •Lavinia; born 9 Feb 1999

1d •Deborah Pamela; born 26 March 1950

1c •Dorothy Louise [Mrs Anthony Akers-Douglas, 23 Mytten Close, Cuckfield, W Sussex RH17 5LN]; born 29 Sept 1917; married 9 Aug 1941 Maj Anthony George Akers-Douglas (died 1991), and has issue (see CHILSTON, V)

3b Mabel Maria; born 10 June 1866; married 27 April 1899 Gen Sir William Eliot Peyton, KCB, KCVO, DSO, 15th Hus (died 14 Nov 1931), 3rd son of Col J Peyton, 7th Dragoon Gds, and died 12 May 1901, leaving issue

1a Caroline Harriet; born 23 July 1823; married 4 May 1847 4th Viscount Gort (qv), and died 8 May 1888, leaving issue

2a Fanny Charlotte; born 8 Nov 1830; married 15 Feb 1853 Capt William Tomline, 10th Hus (died 18 May 1883), and died without issue 23 Jan 1883

The 4th VISCOUNT died 20 Jan 1877; his grandson,

HENRY CHARLES GAGE, 5th Viscount Gage of Castle Island, DL Sussex; born 2 April 1854; married 23 July 1894 Leila Georgina (died 17 March 1916), 2nd daughter of Rev Frederick Peel (see PEEL, Bt), and died 18 April 1912, leaving:

1a HENRY RAINALD, 6th Viscount

1a Irene Adelaide; born 9 Feb 1898; married 1st 30 Aug 1923 (annulled 1928) Capt Murray Shuldham Shuldham-Legh, Queen's Roy Regt, only son of Col H Shuldham-Legh, MVO, Roy Irish Regt; married 2nd 1 Oct 1928 (divorce 1942) Brig Frederick Cecil Bull, DSO, RA (died 14 April 1960), s of Col J F Bull, of Willets, Tillington, Sussex, and had issue; married 3rd 15 Feb 1950 Ernest William Dalrymple Tennant (see GLENCONNER, B)

2a Vera Benedicta; born 29 April 1899; married 10 Oct 1919 Lt-Cdr Francis Lyall Birch, CMG, OBE, RNVR, FRHS (died 14 Feb 1956), son of John Arden Birch, of Rickmansworth Park, and Charlotte Viscountess Barrington (see 1970 edn)

3a Yvonne Rosamund; born 20 July 1902; married 17 Dec 1938 Adrian Maximilian van der Horst (died 20 Aug 1955), and died without issue 3 Feb 1960

The 5th VISCOUNT died 1912; his eldest son,

HENRY RAINALD GAGE, 6th Viscount Gage of Castle Island, KCVO (1939), JP; born 30 Dec 1895; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford (BA 1919, MA 1970); CA E Sussex, V-Lt 1957–70 (DL 1927), Chm CC 1955–58, Pres Nat/l Fedn Housing Socs, Ld-in-Waiting 1924–29 and 1931–36, 1936 and 1937–39, PPS (unpaid) to Sec State India 1924–29, Pres Sussex Rural Community Cncl to 1973, Capt Res of Offrs Coldstream Gds, formerly 5th Bn Roy Sussex Regt, served WW I (wounded) and WW II, author: Memories of Firle; married 1st 26 Feb 1931 Hon Alexandra Imogen Clair Grenfell (died 3 Jan 1969), younger daughter of 1st and last Baron Desborough (see GRENFELL, B), and had:

1a GEORGE JOHN ST CLERE GAGE, 7th Viscount Gage of Castle Island; born 8 July 1932; educated Eton; married 1st 22 June 1971 (divorce 1975) Valerie Ann, younger daughter of J E Dutch, of Horam, Sussex; married 2nd 1990 •Deirdre Melina Jane [The Rt Hon Deirdre Viscountess Gage, Firle Place, Lewes, E Sussex BN8 6LP], daughter of Thomas James Simmons, and died without issue 30 Nov 1993

2a (HENRY) NICOLAS GAGE, 8th and present Viscount Gage of Castle Island

1a •Camilla Jane [The Hon Lady Cazalet, Shaw Farm, Plumpton Green, nr Lewes, E Sussex BN7 3DG; Lumley Cazalet Ltd, 33 Davies St, London W1Y 1FN]; born 12 July 1937; educated Benenden; fndr dir Lumley Cazalet Ltd 1967–2002, Cncl of Friends of Covent Gdn 1977– (Bd of Management 1995–2001), memb Glyndebourne Arts Tst 1978–, memb Roy Nat/l Theatre Bd 1991–97, Govr Roy Ballet 2001–; married 24 April 1965 •Hon Mr Justice (Sir Edward Stephen) Cazalet, DL (qv), elder son of Peter Victor Ferdinand Cazalet, JP, DL, of Fairlawne, Tonbridge, Kent, and has issue

The 6th Viscount married 2nd 14 Jan 1971 Diana (died 1992), widow of Lt Col Hon Ian Campbell-Gray (see GRAY, L) and 4th daughter of Col Rt Hon Richard Frederick Cavendish (see DEVONSHIRE, D), and died 27 Feb 1982

Seat: Firle Place, Lewes, E Sussex. The original house was built by the Sir John Gage who served HENRY VIII and QUEEN MARY in various court and military posts. Although this was never actually pulled down, the alterations and extensions carried out 1713–54 all but obliterated the Tudor structure. The gable and dual courtyard on the south of the house seem to date from Sir John's time, however. The former Tudor great hall, into which the 18th-century front door opens directly, was later divided into two chambers: a staircase hall in the Palladian style and an entrance hall. The drawing room is also Palladian. The long gallery, which dates from the beginning of the 40-year period in which the major alterations were carried out, has a splendid view of the Sussex Downs.

Peerage 200797

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