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THE 7TH EARL OF ROMNEY , of The Mote, Viscount Marsham, Baron of Romney, Co Kent, and a Baronet (Sir Michael Henry Marsham, Bt) [The Rt Hon The Earl of Romney, Wensum Farm, W Rudham, Norfolk PE31 8SZ]; born 22 Nov 1910; succeeded cousin 1975; educated Sherborne; Maj RA (TA) WW II; married 28 June 1939 Frances Aileen (died 2 Oct 1995), only daughter of Lt-Col James Russell Landale, IA

Lineage: JOHN MARSHAM, of Stratton Strawless, Norfolk; married Agnes – and died 1473, leaving, with two younger sons (Robert; Andrew) and a daughter (Matilda, married – Worme and had issue):

JOHN MARSHAM, of Stratton Strawless; married Ellyne – and died 20 April 1515, leaving, with an eldest son (Thomas, ancestor of the MARSHAMs of Stratton Strawless) and a youngest son (James, Sheriff Norwich 1539):

JOHN MARSHAM; Mayor Norwich 1518; married Elizabeth Claxton (died 1563) and died 1525, leaving, with an elder son and two daughters:

RALPH MARSHAM; Norwich merchant; married 29 May 1541 Elizabeth Blackman and died 1579, leaving, with three elder sons and three daughters:

THOMAS MARSHAM; born 1556; London merchant; married Magdalen (died 1618), daughter of Richard Springham, London merchant, and was buried 12 March 1624, leaving, with an eldest son, a youngest son (Ferdinando, born 1610, Esq of the body to CHARLESes I and II, died unmarried 7 Nov 1681) and two daughters:

Sir John Marsham, 1st Bt (E), so created 12 or 16 Aug 1663, of Whorn's Place, Cuxton, Kent, which he bought c 1660; born 23 Aug 1602; educated Westminster, St John's College Oxford and Middle Temple; Clerk in Chancery Feb 1637/8–41 and 1660–80; royalist Civil War; MP Rochester April–Dec 1660, knighted 1660; antiquary and historian; married 13 Jan 1630/1 Elizabeth (died 24 Sept 1689), daughter of Sir William Hammond, of St Alban's Court, Kent, and died 25 May 1685, having had, with other issue (died young):

1a Sir John Marsham, 2nd Bt, of Whorn's Place and the Mote, Kent; born 15 Sept 1637; educated Queen's College Oxford and Middle Temple; Sheriff Kent 1691–92; author of a projected history of England; married 1st 11 Jan 1664/5 Anne (died without issue 1672), daughter of Sir Samuel Danvers, 1st Bt, of Culworth, Northants; married 2nd 10 March 1674/5 Hester (died 1716), daughter of Sir George Sayer, and died 31 Dec 1692, having by her had:

1b Sir John Marsham, 3rd Bt, of Whorn's Place and the Mote; born 12 Oct 1679; died unmarried 13 May 1696

2a ROBERT (Sir), 4th Bt

1a Elizabeth; born 23 Nov 1631; married 1st 4 Aug 1652 Stephen Penkhurst (died 1657) and had issue; married 2nd 1662 her cousin William Hammond (died 6 May 1685), of St Alban's Court, and died 1675, having had further issue

2a Margaret; born 9 Dec 1644; married 1667 Sir Roger Twisden, 2nd Bt, of Bradburne (died 28 Feb 1702/3; see 1841 edn), and died 30 Jan 1687, leaving issue

The 3rd Bt's unc,

Sir Robert Marsham, 4th Bt, of Whorn's Place, the Mote and Bushey Hall, Herts; born 16 Dec 1650; educated St John's College and Middle Temple; Clerk in Chancery 1680, MP Maidstone 1698–1702, knighted 1681; married 12 Dec 1681 Margaretta (died 1710), daughter and heiress of Thomas Bosville, of Little Mote, Eynsford, Kent, and died 26 July 1703, having had:

1a ROBERT, 1st Baron

1a Elizabeth; born 21 Sept 1683; married 18 Nov 1700 Sir Thomas Palmer, Bt, of Wingham, Kent (died 8 Nov 1723; see 1838 edn), and died 1714, leaving issue

2a Margaretta; born 4 Sept 1684; married 23 June 1707, as his 1st wife, Sir Brook Bridges, 1st Bt (died 19 March 1728), and died 1719, leaving issue (see also FitzWALTER, B)

3a Mary; born 18 May 1698; married 22 June 1723 Sir Thomas Hales, 2nd Bt, of Beakesbourne (died 6 Oct 1762), and died 4 Aug 1769, leaving issue

The 4th Bt's only son,

Sir Robert Marsham, 5th Bt, and 1st Baron of Romney, Co Kent (GB), so created 22 June 1716; born 17 Sept 1685; educated St John's College Oxford; MP (Whig) Maidstone 1708–16, Lt-Govr Dover Castle 1717; married 19 Aug 1708 Elizabeth (married 2nd 1732, as his 1st wife, 3rd Earl of Hyndford (see CARMICHAEL OF CARMICHAEL) and died 17 Nov 1750), eldest daughter and coheir of Adml Sir Cloudesley Shovell, and died 28 Nov 1724, having had, with other issue (died young or unm, bar Elizabeth, born 15 Aug 1711, who married 21 April 1741, as his 2nd wife, 1st Viscount Folkestone and died 25 Sept 1782, leaving issue; see RADNOR, E):

ROBERT MARSHAM, 2nd Baron of Romney; born 22 Aug 1712; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; DCL 1733, FRS 1757, Col W Kent Militia 1759, Pres Soc of Arts 1761–93 (V-Pres 1755–61, FSA 1762) and Marine Soc 1756–93; married 29 July 1742 Priscilla (died 27 Feb 1771), daughter and heiress of Charles Pym, of St Kitts, and died 16 Nov 1793, having had (in remainder to btcy and Barony only), with other issue (died unm):

1a Robert Pym; born 28 April 1743; died unmarried 28 Nov 1762

2a CHARLES, 1st Earl

3a Jacob (Rev); born 28 Feb 1759; DD, Canon Windsor, Preb Rochester and Wells; married 28 June 1784 Amelia Frances (died 30 March 1836), only daughter and heiress of Joseph Bullock, of Caversfield, Oxon, and died 28 Jan 1840, leaving, with three other daughters (died unm):

1b Robert MARSHAM later BULLOCK-MARSHAM, of Caversfield; born 17 June 1786; DCL, Warden Merton College Oxford; married 27 March 1828 Janet (died 10 Nov 1881), daughter of Maj-Gen David Dewar, of Gilston House, Fife (see DEWAR OF THAT ILK and VOGRIE), and widow of Sir John Carmichael-Anstruther, 6th Bt (see ANSTRUTHER OF THAT ILK, Bt), and died 27 Dec 1880, having had, with a daughter (died unm):

1c Charles Jacob, of Edgcott, Bucks, JP (Oxon); born 18 Jan 1829; died unmarried Aug 1901

2c Robert Henry; born 3 Sept 1833; educated Oxford (MA); barrister, Met Police Magistrate, Recorder Maidstone 1868–79; married 26 Jan 1871 Laura (died 25 July 1926), daughter of George Field, of Ashurst Park, Tunbridge Wells, and died 5 April 1913, leaving:

1d Charles George BULLOCK-MARSHAM later FIELD-MARSHAM (deed poll 2 June 1920), TD, JP (Kent); born 3 Dec 1872; educated Eton and Merton College Oxford (BA 1895 MA 1900); Maj W Kent Yeo WW I; married 25 Oct 1904 Mary Dorothea (died 26 Jan 1970), only child of Edward Knight, of Keswick Old Hall, Norfolk, and died 7 Oct 1958, having had:

1e Robert Edward; born 3 Aug 1905; educated Eton and RMC Sandhurst; Maj The Bays WW II, MFH Bicester and Warden Hill 1936–42, Jt MFH Eridge 1947–61; married 1st 24 June 1936 (divorce 1950) Mrs Geraldine Hamilton, daughter of Henry Wrohan; married 2nd 2 Oct 1950 Joan Helen (died 1988), widow of his brother Charles Austen (see below), and died without issue 24 Nov 1996

2e Charles Austen; born 3 Nov 1910; educated Eton; Lt Life Gds WW II 1939–41; married 14 Feb 1935 Joan Helen (married 2nd her brother-in-law; see above), eldest daughter of Percy Llewelyn Nevill (see ABERGAVENNY, M), and died on active service Jan 1941, leaving:

1f +Rupert Charles Edward [Rupert Field-Marsham Esq, 29 Roxborough St West, Toronto, Canada]; born 5 Feb 1938; educated Eton and McGill; late 2nd Lt RAC; married 1st 20 Sept 1963 (divorce 1973) Marilyn Muriel, only daughter of Dr George B Maugham, of Montreal, and has:

1g +Robert Scott; born 12 July 1964

2g +Rupert Charles; born 29 Jan 1968

1f (cont.) Rupert Field-Marsham married 2nd 15 June 1973 •Lindsay Ruth, daughter of Robert Dale-Harris by Leslie, daughter of Leslie Howard, the actor, and by her had:

3g +George Robert; born 4 April 1975

4g +Mark Austen; born 1977

5g +Jacob Edward; born 1979

1e Mary Elizabeth; born 20 Oct 1907

2d Robert Anstruther BULLOCK-MARSHAM later MORRIS-MARSHAM (roy licence 8 March 1924); born 1 Jan 1875; educated Eton and Merton College Oxford (MA); barrister; married 7 June 1904 Jessie Dorothy (died 23 Jan 1931), eldest daughter of Andrew Richard Motion, of Upton Ho, Warwicks, and died 25 Nov 1946, leaving:

1e Richard Henry Anstruther; born 28 Nov 1905; educated Eton and Merton College Oxford; married 1st 21 June 1929 (divorce 1951) Iris Rose Sophia, daughter of Capt Dennis Larking, CMG, RN; married 2nd 26 Nov 1951 •Eileen Reba, only daughter of Victor di Halfalla Nahum, of Italy, and formerly wife of Neville Blond, CMG, OBE, and died 1975, leaving by his 1st w:

1f +David Charles Robert [David Morris-Marsham Esq, 32 Alderbrook Rd, Clapham South, London SW12 8AE]; born 27 July 1930; educated Eton and Merton College Oxford (BA); married 18 Dec 1976 •Margaret Lindelia, daughter of Robert Crawford, MD, and has:

1g •Victoria Harriet; born 1978

2g •Charlotte Rose; born 1979

2f +Jack Richard [Jack Morris-Marsham Esq, Brookside, Ewen, Cirencester, Glos GL7 6BU]; born 27 Nov 1936; educated Eton; sometime Lt-Cdr RNR; married 1st 7 Sept 1963 (divorce 1978) Agnes Margaret (Molly), younger daughter of Maj-Gen Walter Rutherfoord Goodman, CB, DSO, MC, of Little Bealings Holt, Woodbridge, Suffolk; married 2nd 1978 Ann Christine Humphreys (died 1980), daughter of Howard Sargent Backhouse; married 3rd 1983 •Serena Sybil Newmark, daughter of G/Capt Geoffrey Kinglake Fairclough, and by his 1st wife has:

1g +James Jonathan [James Morris-Marsham Esq, Heron House, Wheal Darlington, Long Rock, Penzance TR20 9BJ]; born 18 Nov 1964; married 1991 •Susan Marie, elder daughter of Henry Menzel, of Falmouth, Cornwall, and has:

1h •Jessica Rose; born 1993

2g +Dominic Rutherfoord [Dominic Morris-Marsham Esq, 51 Oxford Rd, South London W4 3DD]; born 1 March 1967; married 1996 •Veronica (‘Bonky') Mary, younger daughter of Maj C R C Inglis, of Brecon, and has:

1h •Lara Charlotte; born 2001

2h •Coco Rosie; born 2 Sept 2002

1g •Tiffany Jane [Mrs Andrew Beilby, 4 Petley Rd, London W6 9ST]; born 21 March 1969; married 1997 •(Julius) Andrew Gilman Beilby, s of Guy Beilby, of Everlode, Glos and has:

1h •(Julius) Kit; born 2 Jan 2003

1h •Mary (Zofia); born 2001

2e Antony Cuthbert; born 4 Nov 1909; educated Eton; married 11 July 1935 Camilla, younger daughter of Charles Humphrey Style (see STYLE, Bt), and died 27 Nov 1975, having had:

1f Antony Patrick; born 8 March 1937; educated Eton; died unmarried 28 Nov 1962

1f Jacqueline [Mrs Michael Coulman, Park Farm, Iden, E Sussex TN13 7XB]; born 2 June 1939; married 23 July 1969 •Michael Raymond Coulman, elder son of Col Edward Raymond Coulman, OBE, TD, and had:

1g •Robert Patrick Raymond; born 31 Jan 1973

1g •A daughter

1d Mary Evelyn; born 14 Jan 1874; died unmarried 19 July 1962

2d Leila Janet; born 14 April 1879; died unmarried 8 Oct 1962

3c Cloudesley Dewar (Rev); born 30 Jan 1835; educated Oxford (MA); Rector Harrietsham, Kent; married 1st 20 June 1876 his cousin Frances Penelope (died 8 Feb 1890), daughter of Rev George Frederick John Marsham (see below); married 2nd 16 Feb 1897 Edith Matilda (died 10 June 1929), daughter of Rev George Birch Reynardson, and died 2 March 1915, leaving by his 1st w:

1d Cloudesley Henry; born 10 Feb 1879; educated Oxford (BA); Capt W Kent Yeo; married 14 Feb 1911 Algitha, JP (died 14 April 1972 aged 91), elder daughter of Rev Hon Algernon Robert Parker (see MACCLESFIELD, E), and died 19 July 1928, leaving:

1e +Cloudesley George, TD, JP (Kent 1958) [Maj Cloudesley Bullock-Marsham TD JP, Horton Cottage, Rolvenden Lane, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 4WP]; born 1917; educated Eton; Maj 297th (Kent Yeo) Field Regt RA (TA) WW II (POW); married 15 April 1941 •Suzanne Kate, younger daughter of Dudley Holloway

2e +Algernon James; born 14 Aug 1919; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; Capt KRRC WW II (POW); married 19 May 1948 •Elizabeth, only daughter of AVM Malcolm Henderson, CB, CIE, DSO, and has:

1f +Charles James Lessels; born 7 June 1950; educated Eton

1e Joan; born 6 Nov 1911; married 6 Feb 1935 Col Hubert Mortimer Allfrey, MC, TD, DL, Kent Yeo, 2nd son of Charles Moubray Allfrey, and died 20 Aug 1962, leaving issue

2e •Vere Frances; born 21 Feb 1913; married 7 June 1932 (George) Ronald Pigé Leschallas (died 1991), elder son of Percy Leschallas, and has:

1f •Anthony George; born 1933; married 1954 •Marie-Louise Yvonne Renner, and has:

1g •Anthony Simon; born 1955; married 1987 •Amanda Nanci, daughter of Maj James Le Coq, of Seething, Norfolk, and has:

1h •Marie-Clair; born 1988

2g •William Henry; born 1963; married 1992 •Emma C, elder daughter of David Huxtable, of Bosham, W Sussex

1g •Marie-Louise Sophie; born 1957

2g •Joanna Clare; born 1960; married 1989 •Edward Anthony Morys Berry (see KEMSLEY, V), and has issue

2f •James Ronald Pigé; born 1943; married 1967 •Rosemary Elizabeth, only daughter of Rev Hon Andrew Charles Victor Elphinstone, and has issue (see ELPHINSTONE, L)

1f •Lavinia Frances; born 1934; married 1965 •Christopher William Trelawny Hare, and has:

1g •Henry William Trelawny; born 1966

2g •Jonathan Christopher Trelawny; born 1968

3g •James Frederick Trelawny; born 1971

2f •Suzanne Vere; born 1939; married 1965 •Gen Sir (Charles) Edward Webb Jones, KCB, CBE, and has:

1g •Hume Richard Webb; born 1967; Maj RGJ; married 7 Nov 1998 •Davina Henrietta, daughter of Maj Sir Shane Blewitt (see BUXTON, Bt)

2g •Benjamin Edward Webb; born 1978

1g •Jemma Suzanne; born 1971

2d Francis William, DSO (1918), MC; born 13 July 1883; educated Eton; Col 3rd Dragoon Gds, formerly 19th Hus, WW I (despatches), DAAG 1919, GSO(2) 1922, Cdr 5th Cav Bde TA 1931, T/Brig, cmded 1st Cav Bde 1932–36, Hon Brig 1938, ADC to TM GEORGE V, EDWARD VIII and GEORGE VI 1935–38; married 19 April 1922 Finovola Marianne Eleanor, daughter of Sir Fitzroy Donald Maclean, 10th Bt, of Dowart, KCB (qv), and widow of Roger Cordy Simpson, and died 22 Dec 1971

1d Jessie Catherine; born 15 March 1880; died unmarried 29 April 1940

2d Constance Elizabeth; born 6 June 1881; died 18 Nov 1917

1c Jessie Elizabeth; born 13 March 1832; married 24 Sept 1867 Rev Charles Montague Style and died 1922, leaving issue (see STYLE, Bt)

2b Charles (Rev); born 2 June 1781; Vicar Stoke Lyne and Caversfield, Oxon; died unmarried 24 Aug 1867

3b Henry Shovell; born 28 Jan 1794; Adml; married 27 Feb 1838 his younger brother's sister-in-law Maria Sophia (died 21 Dec 1861), eldest daughter of Walter Jones, of Hayle Place, Kent, and died without issue 26 Oct 1875

4b Jacob Joseph (Rev); born 8 Feb 1804; Vicar Shorne, Kent; died unmarried 23 Oct 1894

5b George Frederick John (Rev); born 2 June 1806; Rector Allington, Kent; married 4 June 1833 Elizabeth Marcia (died 20 April 1849), daughter and coheir of Walter Jones (see above), and died 29 Jan 1852, leaving, with two other daughters (died unm):

1c George, CBE (1920), of Hayle Cottage, Maidstone, Kent, and Headfort, Co Leitrim, JP, DL; born 10 April 1849; educated Oxford (BA); died unmarried 2 Dec 1927

1c Catherine Elizabeth; born 12 Jan 1838; married 1st 23 Jan 1866 Rev William Gale Townley (died without issue 4 Sept 1869), Rector Upwell, Norfolk; married 2nd 11 May 1880 Hon Edward Kenyon (see KENYON, B) and died without issue 16 June 1903

2c Frances Penelope; born 28 Dec 1841; married 20 June 1876 her cousin Rev Cloudesley Dewar Bullock Marsham (see above) and died 9 Feb 1890, leaving issue

1b Louisa Charlotte; born 14 May 1790; married 22 Dec 1814 Capt William Style, RN (see STYLE, Bt), and died 25 Oct 1866, leaving issue

2b Emily Eleanor; born 10 Feb 1803; married 10 May 1831 Sir Charles Fitzroy Maclean of Dowart, 9th Bt (qv), and died 12 April 1838, leaving issue

1a Charlotte; born 12 Nov 1761; married 4 July 1792 John Coker (died 14 Jan 1819) and died 16 Jan 1794, leaving issue

The 2nd BARON's elder surviving son,

CHARLES MARSHAM, 1st Earl of Romney, so created 22 June 1801, as also VISCOUNT MARSHAM (UK) ; born 28 Sept 1744; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; MP (Whig to 1783, Pittite 1788 on) 1768–74 and Kent 1774–90, V-Pres Soc Arts, memb Bd Ag 1793, Pres Marine Soc 1793, Lord Lt Kent 1797–1808; married 30 Aug 1766 Lady Frances Wyndham (died 14 Jan 1795), younger daughter of 2nd Earl of Egremont (see EGREMONT, LECONFIELD OF LECONFIELD and, B), and died 30 June 1868, having had, with three daughters (of whom two died unmarried and Frances, born 25 Oct 1778, married 17 June 1805 Sir John Buchanan Riddell of that Ilk, 9th Bt; qv):

CHARLES MARSHAM, 2nd Earl of Romney; born 22 Nov 1777; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; MP (Ind Tory) Hythe 1798–1802 and 1806–07 and Downton 1803–06, Lt-Col 1st E Kent Militia 1809; married 1st 9 Sept 1806 Sophia (died 9 Sept 1812), daughter of William Morton Pitt, of Kingston Ho, Dorset, and had:

1a CHARLES, 3rd Earl

1a Sophia; born 13 July 1807; married 17 April 1837 Peter Richard Hoare and died 4 June 1863, leaving issue (see HOARE, Bt, of Barn Elms)

2a Frances; born 9 Nov 1809; married 2 Aug 1838 Maj-Gen Edward Charles Fletcher (died 5 June 1877), of Kenward, Kent, and died 29 Dec 1901, leaving issue

3a Mary; born 15 April 1811; married 3 May 1836 Henry Hoare (died 16 April 1866), of Staplehurst Place, Kent, and died 23 Feb 1871, leaving issue

4a Charlotte; born 30 Aug 1812; married 20 April 1853 Rev George William Corker (died 9 June 1880), Vicar Stony Stratford, Bucks, and died without issue 18 Nov 1879

The 2nd Earl married 2nd 9 Feb 1832 Mary Elizabeth (died 25 Dec 1847), daughter of 2nd Viscount Sydney of St Leonards (see TOWNSHEND, M) and widow of George James Cholmondeley (see CHOLMONDELEY, M), and died 29 March 1845, having by her had:

2a Robert MARSHAM later MARSHAM-TOWNSHEND (roy licence 27 March 1893), JP (Kent and London), DL; born 15 Nov 1834; educated Oxford (MA); FSA, FRGS, FGS, Dip Serv 1855–59, Lt Kent Militia Artillery 1859–69; married 5 April 1877 Clara Catherine (died 17 March 1931), 2nd daughter of Rev George Barber Paley, JP, of Langcliffe, Yorks, and died 11 Dec 1914, leaving:

1b Hugh Sydney, JP (Kent); born 9 Feb 1878; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; Lt Scots Gds and 4th Bn Glos Regt WW I (wounded); married 1st 19 April 1904 Cecilia Frances Laura (died 30 Nov 1912), elder daughter of Sir Henry Charles John Bunbury, 10th Bt (qv), and had:

1c John; born 17 Jan 1905; educated Eton; joined Dip Serv 1932, Maj Scots Gds WW II; died unmarried 5 Nov 1975

1b (cont.) Hugh Marsham-Townshend married 2nd 6 Dec 1913 his sister-in-law Laura Constance Elinor, OBE (died 26 June 1950), daughter of Sir Henry Charles John Bunbury, 10th Bt (qv), and died 17 May 1967, having by her had:

2c Thomas; born 26 Dec 1915; educated Eton; Capt Scots Gds WW II; married 22 Jan 1940 Averil Innes (married 2nd 8 Aug 1945 Col John Robert Stephenson Clarke, OBE, MC, Scots Gds (died 1993), eldest son of Edmund Stephenson Clarke, of Pickwell, Bolney, Sussex, and died 1993), daughter of Maj Lewis Frederic Innes Loyd, and died of wounds recd in action 24 Jan 1944, leaving:

1d •June [Lady Rankin, 63 Marlborough Place, London NW8 0PT]; born 30 June 1942; married 1st 18 June 1962 Bryan Montagu Norman, elder son of Lt-Col Mark Richard Norman, OBE, of Moor Place, Much Hadham, Herts, and adopted:

•Emily Kate; born 1975

1d (cont.) Mrs Norman married 2nd 1980 •Sir Ian Niall Rankin, 4th Bt (qv), and has issue

2d •Susan (Suki) [Sga Piero Studiati-Berni, via del Fossetto 3, 56010 Molina di Quosa, Pisa, Italy]; born posthumously 13 May 1944; married 26 Jan 1972 •Dr Piero Studiati-Berni, s of Dr Cesare Studiati-Berni, and has:

1e •Cesare; born 7 Sept 1972

1e •Viola; born 1975

2b Ferdinand; born 17 April 1880; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford (BA); Lt Scots Gds; killed in action 16 May 1915

The 2nd EARL's elder son,

CHARLES MARSHAM, 3rd Earl of Romney; born 1 July 1808; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; MP (C) W Kent 1841–45; married 7 Feb 1832 Lady Margaret Harriet Montagu Scott (died 5 June 1846), 4th daughter of 4th Duke of Buccleuch and (6th Duke of) Queensberry (qv), and died 3 Sept 1874, having had, with three other daughters (died unm):

1a CHARLES, 4th Earl

2a John (Rev); born 25 July 1842; educated Cambridge (BA); Rector Barton Seagrave Northants 1868–1908 and Haccombe Devon 1908–12; married 21 June 1866 Penelope Jane (died 1 May 1936), youngest daughter of Rev William Wheler Hume, and died 16 Sept 1926, having had:

1b Keith Henry; born 30 April 1868; served WW I; married 3 Oct 1894 Annie Maud (died 8 Sept 1952), 2nd daughter of Edward Miller, of Tolmers, Herts, and died without issue 3 Dec 1955

2b Walter John; born 24 Oct 1869; married 16 July 1908 Frances Leonora (died 16 Nov 1956), daughter of Edward Philip Monckton (see GALWAY, V), and died 8 March 1945, leaving:

1c John Edward; born 31 Aug 1910; married 1st 23 Sept 1937 (divorce 1970) Jean Frances, daughter of Reginald Cambden Clare Hayward; married 2nd 1970 •Mrs Evelyn Moore [Mrs John Marsham, 16 Barchester Rd, Langley, Bucks], daughter of Lesley George Rush, and died 1990, leaving by his 1st w:

1d +Richard John; born 23 April 1946; married 1964 •Janet Anne Wilson, and has:

1e +Gary Frederick; born 1964; married 1988 his cousin •Celine Margaret, daughter of Donald James Griffin (see below), and has:

1f •Cassandra Dawn; born 1989

2e +Stephen John; born 1967

1e •Gillian Dawn [Mrs David Forisky, 1 Belmont Vale, Maidenhead, Berks]; born 3 Feb 1938; married 1st 1956 Donald Griffin (died 1960), of Mombasa, and has:

1f •Pauline Elizabeth; born 1956; has:

1g •Darrell Colin GRIFFIN; born 1981

2g •John BUSHNELL; born 1986

1g •Gillian Dawn GRIFFIN; born 1976

2f •Celine Margaret; born 1959; married 1988 her cousin •Gary Frederick Marsham and has issue (see above)

1e (cont.) Mrs Donald Griffin married 2nd 1961 (divorce 1964) Alan Henry Craig; married 3rd 1968 Abdul Hanif Rashid (died 1971); married 4th 19– (divorce 1979) Thomas William McConnell; married 5th 1980 (divorce 1985, remarried 1990) •David Alfred Forisky and by her 3rd husband has:

1f •AFTAB later KRIS (deed poll) Hanif; born 1970

1c Violet Leonora; born 6 Nov 1913; married 3 Aug 1940 George Anthony Batterbury, s of Geoffrey Richard Batterbury, of Dorset, and had:

1d •Adrian William George; born 14 Nov 1944

2d •Mark Richard George; born 19 July 1947; educated Victoria U BC (BA 1969)

3d •Edward Anthony George; born 5 Jan 1949; educated Victoria U BC (BSc 1970)

1d •Susan [Miss Susan Batterbury, 11–23 Avorimore Terrace, Mosman Pk, WA 6012, Australia]; born 12 Nov 1941; educated Br Columbia U (BSc 1963)

3b Cyril Montagu Charles; born 31 March 1871; Bengal Police, Capt S African Constabulary; married 14 Feb 1911 Gladys Helen Marie (died 17 April 1965 aged 85), 3rd daughter of Douglas Kingsford, barrister Inner Temple, and died 14 Nov 1943, leaving:

1c +Peter, JP (Herefs) [Peter Marsham Esq JP, King's Acre, Coddington, Herefs HR8 1JJ]; born 28 Jan 1912; educated Clifton; married 19 Feb 1938 •Margaret, daughter of Benjamin Harral, of Yorks, and has:

1d +John Kingsford, OBE (1993); born 24 July 1942; educated Bryanston and RMC Sandhurst; Lt-Col 3rd LI; married 1978 •Olwen, daughter of Joshua Adamson, of Brisbane, Australia, and has:

1e +Robert Edward Harral; born 1981

1e •Anne Kingsford; born 1979

2d +Robert Harral [Robert Marsham Esq, King's Acre, Coddington, Herefs HR8 1JJ]; born 13 Aug 1946; educated Abbotsholme Sch

1d •(Marion) Caroline [Mrs Caroline Walton, King's Acre, Coddington, Herefs HR8 1JJ]; born 10 Oct 1939; married 1st 7 Oct 1961 (divorce 1978) Richard Naylor, youngest son of Lt-Col James William Naylor; married 2nd 1981 (divorce 1989) Dr George Richard Castellain Walton and by her 1st husband has:

1e •Charles Gray Marsham; born 27 Sept 1962

2e •Michael Harry Richard; born 4 March 1970

1e •Margaret Kingsford; born 17 June 1964

2c +Richard Douglas Hollinshead [Richard Marsham Esq, Llwynglas, Penrhiwllan, Llandyssul, Dyfed]; born 15 Oct 1913; educated Clifton; Maj Worcs Regt WW II; married 1 Nov 1947 (divorce 1981) Shirley, daughter of John Hannah, of The Mill Ho, Mathon, Worcs, and has:

1d +Richard Charles Hannay; born 20 Sept 1948

2d +David John Hollinshead; born 17 Nov 1954; educated Queen's College Taunton

1d •Catherine Elizabeth; born 1 Feb 1952

1c Ann Margaret Kingsford; born 20 Oct 1916; married 17 July 1945 John Grattan Geary, Capt IA, s of F J G Geary, ICS, and died 25 Sept 1961, leaving issue

4b Hubert Wheler; born 24 Sept 1876; Lt-Col Glam Yeo; married 6 Sept 1904 Blanche Mary Frederica (died 31 March 1963), eldest daughter of Charles Joseph Stonor (see CAMOYS, B), and died 6 May 1952, leaving:

1c Hubert Anthony Lucius, OBE (1942); born 29 June 1905; Cdr RN WW II; married 9 July 1953 Margaret Mary (died 7 Sept 1995), younger daughter of Ambrose Joseph Devas, of Kilmeston, Hants, and had:

1d Harriet Mary; born 29 May and died 5 June 1954

1c Sylvia Mary Blanche; born 19 Dec 1910

5b John Ralph Theodore; born 9 Dec 1885; Lt 11th Bn Worcs Regt WW I (wounded); married 1918 Olive Hill (died 14 Dec 1926) and died 27 Feb 1919, leaving:

1c Ralph John Theodore; born June 1919; P/O RAFVR WW II; killed on active service 31 Oct 1940

1b Mabel Pensie; married 7 Aug 1902 Rev Arthur Robertson Hoare (died 18 March 1941), Rector Ashill, Norfolk, 2nd son of Rev Walter Marsham Hoare, of Fakenham, and died 14 April 1928, leaving issue

2b Violet Mary; born 10 Oct 1872; married 18 Aug 1910 Edward Francis Johns (died 23 Sept 1948), headmaster Winton Ho Sch, Winchester, s of Rev CA Johns

3b Evelyn Florence; Forces Welfare worker WW II; married 21 Oct 1930 her brother-in-law Rev Arthur Robertson Hoare and died 24 June 1956

4b Grace Margaret; born 17 Sept 1877; married 29 Sept 1904 1st Baron Cullen of Ashbourne (qv), and has issue

5b Mary Verena; died unmarried 23 Oct 1966

6b Olive Home; died 9 Feb 1954

3a Henry; born 26 March 1845; Lt Rifle Bde; died unmarried 1 July 1908

1a Harriet; born 17 July 1838; married 24 Sept 1863 Col Henry Charles Fletcher, CMG, Scots Gds (died 31 Aug 1879), and died 14 Nov 1886, leaving issue

The 3rd EARL's eldest son,

CHARLES MARSHAM, 4th Earl of Romney, JP (Kent and Norfolk), DL; born 7 March 1841; educated Eton and Ch Ch Oxford; Hon Lt RN Artillery Vols 1879, Pres Marine Soc, Ld-in-Waiting 1889–92; married 30 July 1863 Lady Frances Augusta Constance Muir Campbell Rawdon-Hastings (died 1 Sept 1910), daughter and coheir of 2nd Marquess of Hastings (see LOUDOUN, E), and died 21 Aug 1905, having had:

1a CHARLES MARSHAM, 5th Earl of Romney, JP (Kent and Norfolk); born 25 Oct 1864; educated Eton; Maj and Hon Lt-Col Beds Regt, ADC to Govr Madras 1888, Pres Marine Soc; married 12 June 1890 Anne Louisa (died 5 Feb 1936), daughter of Sir Edward Henry Scott, 5th Bt, of Lytchett Minster, Dorset (see 1959 edn), and died 13 March 1933, leaving:

1b CHARLES MARSHAM, 6th Earl of Romney, JP (Norfolk), DL (1939); born 9 July 1892; educated Eton; Lt-Col Coldstream Gds WW I (wounded), Cmdt Gds Depot 1928–31, cmded 2nd Bn 1934–36, WW II: Cmdt Gds Depot Sept 1939–Jan 1940, HQ Lond Dist to Aug 1945 as GSO(1) Cadets, Pres Nat Cncl YMCA 1956–66, Marine Soc and Debtors Relief Funds Charity; married 24 July 1918 Marie Henrietta Margaret (died 21 Jan 1976), elder daughter of Adml Sir Colin Richard Keppel, GCVO, KICE, CB, DSO (see ALBEMARLE, E), and died without issue 6 Sept 1975

2a Reginald Hastings, OBE (1918); born 19 Dec 1865; Lt-Col 7th Hus, cmded a sqdn Remount Serv 1917–19; married 4 Feb 1908 Dora Hermione (died 14 Aug 1923), 4th daughter of Charles North, DL (see GUILFORD, E), and had:

1b MICHAEL HENRY MARSHAM, 7th and present Earl of Romney

1b Anne Rhoda; born 7 June 1909; Section Offr WAAF WW II, Kenya Police Reserve Offr during Emergency 1953–54, Dist Pass Offr Molo 1956–60, and died 13 March 1999

3a Douglas Henry; born 13 Nov 1871; Lt 4th Bn Beds Regt (seconded for serv Bechuanaland); killed in action Mafeking 31 Oct 1899

4a Sydney Edward; born 29 Dec 1879; educated Eton; Lt Gren Gds (SR) WW I; married 2 Feb 1911 Joan, DBE (1945) (died 13 March 1972), only daughter of William Warry, of Shapwick, Somerset, and died 6 Jan 1952, leaving:

1b Peter William, MBE (1940); born 8 June 1913; educated Eton and Trin College Cambridge (BA 1935); Lt-Col Gren Gds WW II; married 18 July 1946 •Hersey [Mrs Peter Marsham, Waterloo Cottage, Gayton, Norfolk], daughter of Maj Hon Richard Coke (see LEICESTER, E), and died 3 Nov 1970, having had:

1c +JULIAN CHARLES [Julian Marsham Esq, Gayton Hall, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1PL]; born 28 March 1948; heir presumptive; educated Eton; married 6 Sept 1975 •Catriona Ann, daughter of Sir Robert Christie Stewart, KCVO (qv), and has:

1d +David Charles; born 18 April 1977

2d +Michael Julian; born 3 March 1979

1d •Laura Clare; born 18 March 1984

1c •Lavinia [Mrs Hamish Macdonald Lockhart, Thornton Hill, Fossoway, Kinross]; born 6 Feb 1950; married 7 Sept 1973 •Simon James Macdonald Lockhart, and has issue (see DUCIE, E),

2c •Sarah [Mrs Maxwell Ward, Stobshiel House, Humbie, E Lothian]; born 3 Oct 1954; married 17 April 1982 •Maxwell Colin Barnard Ward, and has issue (see BANGOR, E)

3c Davina; born 13 Feb; died 22 May 1956

1a Florence Mary Constance; born 9 Feb 1868; married 3 Dec 1891 Sir George Ralph Leigh Hare, 3rd Bt (qv), and died 4 Oct 1954, leaving issue

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